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  1. Thanks for sharing. Really ambitious work with the gravity node, respect!. If this would be futher on possible in the z-axis as related elevation, as a sheet with thickness (2 - 20 mm), might also be great fun . This could be very helpful an idea for "doors with belly" (furniture / room door). Friendly regards , BerndL.
  2. Dear marionette activists, I am going to build 2 curved walls,made of 3,2 mm Plywood. Wooden stripes inside with indirect lightning . The wooden stipes should be in a distance of 50 mm moved towards the inside of the walls the outside constuction wood panels should begin outside of the wall material the 2 separate networks (besides the extrude of the two walls) for these elements refer to the middle axis of the wall. This is wrong, I do not know, how to move the profiles. I would really appeciate , if someone could help me foreward.My marionette capacities remain limited, but I keep on trying... friendly regards Bernd Lützelberger P.S.: Only started with one of the horizontal elements, the range of stripes and distance tubes for fixation in certain distances are part of the story, further away. And will be constructed without vector works, "just" in the workshop. 2019_06_13_Curved Wall _seperate.vwx 2019_06_10_Sektor B curved wall.pdf
    Lieber Dominique, sehr beeindruckende Arbeit, toll, dass Du das teilst, vielen Dank! Lieber Gruß Bernd
  3. Dear Alan Woodwell, thank you for the reply and hint. And okay, I hopefully can develop enough patience towards understanding every section. Freindly regards BerndL
  4. Dear Marionette forum community, I attached an extraction / partial copy of Alan Woodwell`s network, House_V002_from 2016_08 with my state of capacities & understanding. My Fantasy for a surrounding of a piece of furniture, to be inserted later: - A groundplan/polygon and the wall height of a room is the basis - The Marionette network should create - walls - floor - ceiling - Windows / doors (by given measurements, each different) - sockelts - skirting - whatever is imortant Current status: good point: - I could extract and understand some of the aspects of Alan Woodwells network, and I see any result. (Big thank to Alan Woodwell for sharing this network!!) Obvious lacks of marionette thinking capacities , I got stuck with: - no ceiling to be seen - incorrect level of ground slab Top edge of the floor shoud be zero level of the room. - Windows and doors are specific in my case, every piece is different. My Wish: - I hope, this message is understandable - Maybe someone can help to bring me on a way leading forward - A different way for inserting symbols, with reference point on the low corner leftside, inserting the elevation of each wall opening upon zero - Visible ceiling, above Wall height - coherent refenrece points , the room should go from the groung plan & height outwards thank`s for taking notice of my stuff, maybe more friendly regards BerndL. 2018_08_04_Marionette_Room_ ground plan.vwx
  5. Congatulation for this success with marionette towards Vector works and everrybody being acitve and so cooperative & ambitious in this forum. An amazing project!- thanks for sharing the project link!
  6. Dear Alan Woodwell. Thank You for further answer. I sent your request towards english version of pdf / further marionette white papers within a feedback mail to the german Vector works company . As far as I know , this white paper is the only one about marionette. Friendly regards BerndL
  7. Dear Sarah Barrett, dear Alan Woodwell, thanks a lot for taking care of my issue. And finding the fault! I took of the double connection, and it works fine.
  8. I tried to go though the instructions of the white paper attached from german VSS forum rebuilding the network for a ramp. Unfortunatly without success of seeing the expected result getting stuck on side 30 of the pdf. Maybe somebody can help on the way and find my fault? I tried with different kinds of polylines and settigns of the controls in the oip of the loft surface node , that make different effects, but strange.... . thanx and friendly regards BerndL 2018_05_VSS_White_Paper_Ramp.vwx 2018_04_27_VSS_VW_2018_White_Paper_Marionette.pdf
  9. Dear Stephan Moenninghoff, I really appreciate that you shrare that file (and others), probalbly generated for Interior Cad. Big respect towards your capacitites and fantasies of thinking in marionette terms! Friendly regards Bernd Lützelberger
  10. Dear Patrick Fritsch, Very interesting informations and visions, that You put in this forum!!, thanx for sharing and information. I`m in furniture cntext, not in house stuff. It is inspiring for me to notice your kind of ambition. Friendly regrads and looking forward to spiritful & good thing getting revelated Bernd www.plattenladen-berlin.de
  11. Dear Alan, great idea and simple and useable looking network! Thanks for sharing and keeping on moving things & ideas, helping me not to lose hope in the marionette use for my workflows. Friendly regards Bernd
  12. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to that light bulb moment, what an amazing potential shown there!
    Good and clear structured work, respect, Tthanks for sharing. Encouraging for own approaches to the universe of marionette
    Thank`s for sharing , big respect towards your good structured and visible workflow
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