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  1. Thank you for mentioning that last part. It may just bring me back into upgrading. Now, hopefully without veering off into any debate on the virtues of design or construction, what about windows with flat glass? Let's say it's existing condition and need to portray accurately. Can the newly integrated WinDoor do at least proper wall cuts?
  2. Please tell me that newer versions of Vectorworks beyond my v2020 have this window problem perfectly fixed. I've suffered basic problems like this for so many versions since MiniCAD, yet I only see new versions with fancy stuff that I don't need. Definitely won't pay hundreds of dollars for irrelevant upgrades. The wall cut should be radially aligned with center point of curved wall, no? This looks stupid. What parameters do I have to adjust?
  3. I've simply deleted the entire wall. Drawing a new wall and inserting new window sidestepped the problem. I don't have a copy of the problem. Hopefully it was only a one-time anomaly.
  4. Not sure what I did wrong. The only thing I did different was check-marking the "Include Sill" feature in the Window Settings, test various values to see how it looks (still buggy and useless), then uncheck it. Already tried deleting Window object and re-inserting a new Window object without check-marking the "Include Sill" mockery of a feature. Any help?
  5. Thanks, but as I've mentioned, I'm trying to achieve Open GL rendering, not Hidden Line rendering. Seems no solution?
  6. I want to show roof faces in wireframe or transparent next to my subject building in OpenGL rendering. Is there a way to avoid the "rib lines?" See red arrows in illustration.
  7. Perfect! Thank you! It's a good exercise to learn the tool.
  8. Definitely no doors or windows needed in such an object. I think it comes down to that "curved wall" section of how to get the top corners at either wavy end to meet the straight walls . Also need to work within my Vectorworks Architect toolset, as a search for solution turns up something about "roadway tool" which I don't have.
  9. Thanks. I’ll try it when I get back to my workstation. However, notice that the walls themselves are comprised of at least one curved wall (radius in planview). So while the subtraction method may still work on curved walls, the challenge then becomes the creation of that subtractive object. It seems to be the same problem, only in subtractive inverse. Might as well just keep the positive object flipped upside down and don’t even bother using a wall object. But how to make that “horizontally held trowel” sweep in a compound wavy motion across a curved object (curved in planview)? I might be making this more difficult than it should be.
  10. What's the best way (type of object) to model a curved wall that has a wavy top like this? Just keep adding sharp-cornered 3D Wall Peak vertices to wall objects?
  11. Attached is the file. Thanks for taking a look. Untitled 1.vwx
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it's right under my nose, but I can't find the setting. I'm on version 2020. Is that a v2021 feature? Hopefully it's not a v2020 bug in latest MacOS 11.3 and hardware M1 Mac. The odd thing is that it's only affecting Round (radius) walls, not straight walls.
  13. This might be an easy one. I just can't remember the solution now in my old age. Or maybe a new problem with new hardware new OS. How do you get the jamb lines to appear in window objects inserted in a Round wall?
  14. But does it install in an M1 Mac running Big Sur (MacOS 11.3)? I believe that's the point of the chart posted by Pat and of the replies in this discussion — that it's not possible even if you find or have the VW 2017 installer file? Please confirm either way since you have the VW 2017 installer files.
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