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  1. On the search tab of this forum, why is the "General Discussion" catagory missing from the "Forums to Search" choice list? This seems like a catagory that might want to be included in a search. And not that I would probably ever use it, but the "Announcments" catagory is also missing.
  2. Thanks Raymond, That is a very short and clean piece of code that does exactly what I wanted. ( I added the H variable and the H:= LNewObj to get the cleanup to execute) I guess I need to brush up on Vectors, I have not used them before. The formula seems to get a bit clearer after staring at it for a while. Are there any other Vector formulas I should be aware of? That one sure seems useful. As I get more familiar with the VectorScript language, and more familiar with the available procedures, the challange of scripting seems to shift towards figuring out what formulas to use to manipulate the data in the script. Thanks for the insight.
  3. Is there an easy way to determine which side of a line a user has clicked on? I am currently trying to do it by getting the angle of the line, then determining the 180? sweep between the positive and negative directions of the line, then getting the click point and comparing the angle between this point and the centerpoint of my line. If this click point angle falls within the sweep angle of my line, I will know which side ithe click is on. I am getting a little fouled up though, with the relatoionship of positive and negative REAL variables versus positive and negative angle values. Is there an easier way to do this, or does anyone have some insight that might help me figure this out? Any ideas appreciated.
  4. You can only snap to objects on layers of the same scale. Are the other layers at the same scale as the active layer?
  5. Just curious, what does the offset tool do to connected walls? In fact, what does it do to walls at all?
  6. Why have the side margins been removed from all tool palettes EXCEPT the Constraints palette in version 12? If you set up your workspace for palettes that are 2 tools wide, the Constraints palette sticks out past the others. In version 10, none of the palettes had margins, In version 11, they all had margins except the Attributes palette. 12 is more like 10, but what's with the Constraints palette? Why can't we make all the palettes the same, either with or without margins (preferably without)? Screen real estate is at a premium these days, is is nice if the palettes can line up to get the maximum size drawing window.
  7. In VectorWorks 12, it seems that they have combined the "Set Print Area" and the "Page Setup" into one dialog. Choosing the "Page Setup" dialog now brings up what used to be called the "Set Print Area" dialog, and what used to be the old "Page Setup" dialog is now called "Printer Setup" and is accessed by clicking the "Printer Setup" button in the "Page Setup" dialog. If you go to the Workspace Editor, you will find a menu command called "Printer Setup". If you add this menu command to your workspace, then "DoMenuTextByName('Page Setup', 0);" will work as expected. If this seems convoluted, its O.K., because they have provided no documentation to back it up. Good old trial and error prevails again. :-)
  8. Are Class Options in the Organize Menu set to Show/Snap/Modify Others?
  9. So you are saying that the group itself is in the class "fittings", and if you enter the group and select a circle, it is also in the class "fittings"? Then they should show if the "fittings" class is visible.
  10. Marek, Try turning the fill of your walls to none before you convert them. I think the diagonal lines you are seeing are the edges of the fill polygon that gets created when you ungroup a wall that has fill. This may be what you are seeing if you change the lineweight of the lines after you have ungrouped a filled wall. It just assigns a lineweight to the polygons and you see the mitred corners. If you ungroup an unfilled wall, all you get is the perimeter lines, and no polygons.
  11. If you want no file to open at all, the next best thing is to do a "Command-W" just after activating VectorWorks, and the window will close.
  12. The Templates folder loads when you launch Vectorworks. Your Templates folder can be an alias and VectorWorks will see the files inside just fine. The trick is, if the original to your folder alias is on the server, you must mount the server prior to launching Vectorworks or Vectorworks will not see the folder alias. If you have lost the connection to your server, or changed the templates folder during the VectorWorks session just quit and relaunch VectorWorks while connected to the server and the files in the alias Templates folder will become available again.
  13. Your objects are not locked are they? Shift-Select does not work on locked objects. At least not in version 11.5
  14. Thanks for the reply Islandmon. I had not tried that , but I was just trying to avoid using a loop if I could. You got me looking though, and FUNCTION NumSObj( h:HANDLE ) :LONGINT works fine, and does not count the selected objects inside groups. I guess there are things about using criteria that I don't know. The following code finds things inside groups: actlay:= GetLName(ActLayer); countvalue:= Count((L=actlay) & (SEL=TRUE)); Message('countvalue = ',countvalue); This one does not: countvalue:= NumSObj(ActLayer); Message('countvalue = ',countvalue); Don't know why I didn't use NumSObj in the first place. It is shorter anyway.
  15. I have written a script which only works if one specific drawing object is selected. To verify that only the desired object is selected I count the selected objects on the active layer and if the count <> 1, it issues a warning that all other selected objects must first be deselected. It does not matter to me if objects inside groups are selected or not, as long as the group itself is not selected. The problem is, even if I deselect all, and the object info palette tells me nothing is selected, if I select my desired object, and run my script, it fails, and gives me the warning message because there are still objects selected inside groups. Using the criteria (SEL= TRUE) detects the objects inside groups. How can I exclude objects inside groups from my count without excluning the groups themselves? Does anyone have an idea?
  16. PeterT

    version problem

    You can open the VectorScript Editor in Version 12, copy the text of your script, then open the VectorScript Editor in Version 11, create a new script, paste in the text that you just copied, and save the script in version 11. Of course, any procedures new to version 12 will fail in version 11. Once updated to a newer version, a script file cannot be moved backwards to a previous version plug-ins folder, but the text of a script can always be moved backwards to a previous version script by copy and paste.
  17. The inverse sine function is also called the arcsine function. Per the VectorScript Function Reference: Function ArcSin returns the arc sine(in radians) of the specified value. I think this is what you are looking for.
  18. I don't know about startup, but you can attach a script to any menu command such as the "NEW,,," command. Just create a script with the name of your choice such as "NEW PLUS SCRIPT...". In this script, just add a DOMENUTEXTBYNAME('NEW',0); in front of the script that you want to run. In the workspace editor, add this "NEW PLUS SCRIPT..." to your file menu as a menu command, just below the "NEW..." command. When you choose this new menu item, it will invoke the "NEW" command and then run your script. If you want to always run this script, just delete the standard "NEW..." command and reassign the keyboard shortcut to your revised command. I have used this same method to add a date script to my print command. now whenever I print a sheet, it adds a plot date to my sheet.
  19. Try looking in your VectorWorks folder. Vectorworks/Extras/Hatches has some concrete hatches in it.
  20. Can we please provide a button in the resource Browser to get back to the Top Level with one click. I have hundreds of symbol folders I have to scroll through to get back to the top level. I would navigate directly to other folders using the pulldown menu, but I can not due to the BUG which completely jumbles up the hierarchy of the pulldown menu. You have to either fix the bug, or give us a way to get back to the Top Level quickly.
  21. It seems odd that when you change the lineweight of an existing revision cloud, the configuration of the billows change slightly. Why would the lineweight affect the shape? Even stranger is that if you pick the same line weight over and over again, the cloud regenerates each time with a different shape. It would seem to me that only one cloud shape should be generated by a particular polyline shape regardless of the lineweight, and should be solely based on your choices for billow height and billow radius.
  22. John, Thanks for the response. I guess I come from the "what you see is what you get" philosophy. At the very least, there should be an option to export only the "Current View". We use VectorScripts and custom visibilities a lot to control how our drawings appear, and it is always a bit frustrating when things reappear in the export that were not showing on screen when it was exported. And in fact, it would be quite an enhancment to our productivity if we could temporarily hide specific objects that might cross layer and class boundries for the very purpose of excluding these objects from an export without hiding the entire layer or class. Currently, I have written a export prep script to cut objects from one layer, and paste them on another to ensure or exclude them from export by using layer visibility. These objects are not necessarily all in the same class. The problem with this is it modifies the file, so we have to make a copy of the file first and perform the export from the copy. It would be nice to be able to use criteria to hide or show objects for export, as this would ony be temporary and would not permanently modify the original file.
  23. I would have hoped that objects that are not visible in the drawing would not export in a DWG export, but they do. It seems that layer or class visibility is the only way to control object exports. If I use the custom visibility settings(Hide/Show Objects) it makes no difference on export. Why is this? It would make sense that invisible objects would not export regardless of the layer or class visibility settings. I am on VW 11.5. Is there any change to this in VW12?
  24. On a similar note, how about when you edit a view port by double clicking it, if you double click on an annotation, "Edit Annotation" would be the default choice to edit when the dialog opens, or if or if you double click on the crop, "Edit Crop" would be the defaulted choice, etc. Right now, the last time you edited the viewport, whichever element you edited sets the default choice for the next time the dialog opens.
  25. I can now answer my own question after referring to the VectorScript List Archives. DB5 is VW12 only. How difficult would in be for Nemetschek to mention anywhere, on the downloads page, or in the DB5 documentation, the version compatibility requirements? Not to sound too negative, I do appreciate that someone took the time to update the Dialog Builder, I will just have to wait until we upgrade to VW 12 to use it.
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