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  1. Thanks for the data....here, w/ 4gb ram, using files that were generated in VW 12, callouts in VW2010 take 10++++ seconds per edit, 160% of the CPU. No improvement as the day passes. Callouts also will not translate to VW 12 - arrow sizes, shoulders, lines, all change. Arrow sizes cannot be modified again. 2010 was not the wisest purchase I've made at this point....
  2. Callouts don't work with 2010 and lion. Or they do, if you like waiting 10 seconds for each edit.
  3. OK, I figured out my problem. 2010 comes with "SmartCursor Settings>Object>Nearest point on edge" unchecked. I'm not sure why this would be the default setting, and IMO the meaning of this option (and the absolute importance of finding it in order to perform CAD) could be made much clearer. It also cripples the venerable "snap to object" constraint.
  4. I'm going through it now, unchecking and checking boxes. Maybe its the snap area around the cursor... IMO, a CAD program should be able to snap a couple objects together right out of the box (like VW used to). After spending a few hours drafting with the Eval version and then realizing everything is wrong (or that I was going crazy), and then spending a couple more hours trying to figure out what the problem is, I think I'll just live with 2008.
  5. Joypog, what setting did you change? I have the exact same complaint here. 2010 feels mushy and inaccurate compared to 2008, 12, 10..... I am squirming in my seat trying to get a couple of rectangles to touch.
  6. One of the great things about vectorworks is being able to stretch a group with the Select tool. Everything shrunk proportionately. After SP3, however, groups don't stretch as one entity anymore for me. One object in the group gets stretched, while the rest stay the same size as they were. Is anyone else having this problem? And is there a new fix or feature that accomplishes stretching? Thanks!
  7. Hi, we have a file that was opened once, accidentally, in VW2008 EDucational Version. The computer had VW10, VW12, and the free educational version. Too many version of vectorworks, I guess. All the work on the file was done in fully licensed versions of VW 12.5 around the office. However, the file prints with the Educational Watermark at the top of each page now. How can we get rid of this? We have downsaved to VW8, VW9, and VW10, but the watermark persists. We cannot just copy and paste into a new file because there is an intricate Sheet system for all the files in the office. Any ideas? Thank you
  8. Thanks Pat. I guess our office will have to upgrade? Bummer. Setting the grid angle isn't what I was looking for, since if I draw a line and command-M it, it still moves in the old x/y direction, etc etc. Is there any other way to achieve this without upgrading the office to 2008? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I've been using VW for years (although never have touched 3d). I'm working on a house with some angles in plan of 25 degrees. One part of the house is normal, but there will be a whole wing of the house that is rotated 25 degrees to the rest of the house. Is there a way to rotate the reference that vectorworks uses, ie draw with everything relative to 25 degrees? For example, to be simple, to be able to draw with the Line tool in Constrained mode relative to 25 (ie 105 and 25). I am aware that you can just select everything and rotate the whole building, but there must be a better way... Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Interesting, the shortcuts were unchanged in the workspace but still did not work. I then changed the trim shortcut tool to "T", and then it seemed as if the workspace was working again - so its just a small glitch, and everything works now. Thanks for the idea!
  11. Hi, previous to 12.5, you could change your layer and class visibilites (Active Only, Gray Others etc) with keyboard commands: command-option-3,4,5,6,7 Does this work anymore? It is still listed in the Help File in Keyboard Shortcuts. Anyone else?
  12. No, nothing is locked! Thanks.
  13. Hi Christiaan: 10.4.6 - Are you thinking it has to do with one of apple's updates?
  14. Thanks katie, I've done all the things you suggested, including making a new user. Within 5 minutes of creating the new account I had the identical problem. I've scoured the Apple support discussions trying to find anyone else with this problem, but have come up empty. I had no idea how important the shift key is until it stopped working. Is there any other way to multiple select without the shift key (other than dragging the mouse old-school, which does not work for most situations). This is a big slow down.
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