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  1. Hello there---is there a trick (tutorial) for placing these objects into complex walls? I want the jamb to extend only the thickness of the interior (components) and trim to act appropriately. The options for orientation in the OIP, do not seem to work to accomplish this. Also, its seems there may be a glitch regarding the creation of a masonry sill. no matter what settings, the sill will not extend to the sash.
  2. And therein lies my dilemma. I am running 2022 and it is running very well. We run into memory walls once in a while, but it is rare.
  3. Great! Thank you. Jeff. I ask because I am not yet certain I want to renew SS.
  4. As a Service Select member, am I able to download 23 and not install it? But rather keep it on a drive, until such time as I want to install?
  5. I have a 2017 license and a 2022 license which is not an upgrade. Can I then sell the '17?
  6. Ya--I haven't tried the Beta and will wait. I have looked at a bunch of beach balls and some crashes as well. The remedy has been to shut down once in a while. That seems to freshen things up. Also--I am using an older 27" iMac as a second monitor as part of my workflow and I understand that is an issue as well. So I will have a couple files and a sizable PDF all open. I can't complain too much.
  7. Ya--makes sense business wise. I am not desperate, but would like to have Redshift available in reasonable fashion and TM--since the license offer. Its waiting on my greasy little drive. 🙂
  8. Well I'll be a suck egg mule. It worked. So strange. I have been using VW since 99 and 2022 for months joining tons of walls with no issue until the other day. I think I am no longer in Kansas. LOL
  9. There is a rumor about new Minis come June. We will see.
  10. You bet, Peter. I will learn what I can on Monday and email you. have a good weekend.
  11. Thanks, Pat. Until its worked out, I have that work around I mentioned. Just an extra click. LOL
  12. New file and new std workspace--same result.
  13. I have already tried the first, but will go ahead and try the second. Thanks, Pat.
  14. Seems like a yay, but perhaps I need to call VW on Monday to see how it works. I am not greedy, so I am sure we can help each other. 🙂
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