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  1. I have a 2017 license and a 2022 license which is not an upgrade. Can I then sell the '17?
  2. Ya--I haven't tried the Beta and will wait. I have looked at a bunch of beach balls and some crashes as well. The remedy has been to shut down once in a while. That seems to freshen things up. Also--I am using an older 27" iMac as a second monitor as part of my workflow and I understand that is an issue as well. So I will have a couple files and a sizable PDF all open. I can't complain too much.
  3. Ya--makes sense business wise. I am not desperate, but would like to have Redshift available in reasonable fashion and TM--since the license offer. Its waiting on my greasy little drive. 🙂
  4. Well I'll be a suck egg mule. It worked. So strange. I have been using VW since 99 and 2022 for months joining tons of walls with no issue until the other day. I think I am no longer in Kansas. LOL
  5. There is a rumor about new Minis come June. We will see.
  6. You bet, Peter. I will learn what I can on Monday and email you. have a good weekend.
  7. Thanks, Pat. Until its worked out, I have that work around I mentioned. Just an extra click. LOL
  8. New file and new std workspace--same result.
  9. I have already tried the first, but will go ahead and try the second. Thanks, Pat.
  10. Seems like a yay, but perhaps I need to call VW on Monday to see how it works. I am not greedy, so I am sure we can help each other. 🙂
  11. I did not carry over a workspace as I use the standard and have not customized it. It has worked fine for a few months and just stopped the other day.
  12. Thanks, Pat--this is the kid of real world stuff that is helpful. From what I see at Apple--the current Mini with Apple silicon is 16 tops.
  13. The upgrade was not available to me as time had passed. I am in the US of A. 🙂
  14. Ya---kinda what I figured. I am running 40GB on a 2017 iMac and I maxed out the other day--prolly that leak. I don't want to spend Mac Studio dollars, so I reckon its wait until a new MIni comes out. I have 2 27" iMacs, so I would like to use them.
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