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  1. @Conrad Preen I have sent this file over, thanks again!
  2. Has anyone else noticed since update to SP4 the circuit arrows drawing across two devices seem to "fold back" over themselves? It seems when I have two devices next to each other it tried to draw these arrows on top of these devices instead of to the outside the sockets. This also only seems to happen when sockets are "in-line" with each other, you can see below when I connect sockets that are not on the same horizontal alignment it draws there arrows correctly? I've Inserted a screenshot below
  3. @Conrad Preen I was able to solve this issue, we are using custom params as an organization in our workgroup folder but I also had a custom params file in my own Application Support folder on my machine. This was causing a conflict because the two did not match. I do have a follow-up question though, I think for our workflow using Custom Parameters is a preferred method because it does not require the action of attaching a record to every new device as we build out our ConnectCAD device library. Is this feature being considered for removal or no longer supported? I would suggest Custom Parameters features offer a valuable data field for reports and project data.
  4. I am trying to add a Custom Parameter to the CustomParams.txt file and I have successfully located the new location after the update to 2023. I had added some custom parameters in 2022 before updating about 6 months ago, these appear and function just fine. After editing the CustomParams file none of my changes show up on the OIP. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
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