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Weird Menu Bar behavior Vectorworks 2022



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23 hours ago, rDesign said:

Does it still happen if you have no other apps running except for Vw2022? The way that Stickies app is behaving w/Vw looks suspicious. Just a thought.

@rDesign@jeff princeThanks for the thoughts. Am about to restart the machine for another round of VWX pleasure, so I'll be sure to at least start with only that open. Gonna be hard to stick to that, as all reference materiel in other files. And life.

Have not had the time to do any sleuthing at all except as above, due to deadlines. The frame-left stickie has translucency on, the frame-right one does not.

Have I mentioned this seems to occur somewhat randomly?



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On 4/16/2022 at 8:46 PM, PJH said:

Experiencing same behavior Michael showing above in the video -- total bummer. 

hi, i have the same issue.  mac laptop and the pull down menus are unresponsive. this is terrible timing.  please let me know what to do to fix this asap.

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