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Where are the guide lines or construction rays?

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VW does not have the same type of Guidelines that other software offers. You have three main options.


1.  Draw long regular lines where you want the guides and then with them selected use the Modify:Guides:Make Guides. This will create a Class named Guides with a light purple line color and place your guide objects in that class. You can then use the Class Visibiliyt to turn the guides on and off as needed. Look at the other menu options also.




2.  The main reason VW does not have guides is due to the Smart Points in the Snapping menu. These option let you create "temporary" guide lines and snap points based on hovering over other points in the drawing. Options include getting distances along lines, midpoints between objects as well as horizontal/vertical/angled extension lines from existing points (or even a random point you define as a Datum).  Check the help and/or YouTube for more information about snapping. One of the most powerful parts of VW.




3. There is a hidden preference that will draw "extension" lines from any 2D loci in the drawing. It works great if you only have a few points, and horribly if you have 20 or more loci as the extensions block all the views.  If you think you might like this, I can give you a script that will toggle this mode on and off.

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Ok thanks.  I will try those today.  

If i use the grid can i realign it to objects or points?

I did just see the make guide option.

Seems ok but i really want a ray not a line.

I will read up on the smart cursor functions too.

Just starting in VW and wondering where the tools are.


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Try using shortcut 'T' wile hovering over an edge to force a temporary line. (Set Smart Point, Edge, or Vector Snap Lock) This is a little bit faster than waiting for the line. You can do this multiple times to activate multiple, even crossing, temporary lines. I'm using VW for 10 years but only recent discovered this function and using it all the time even since.



This video gives a nice overview:


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