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  1. Thanks but the answer is in the OS. Number lock is Shft + Backspace "Delete" not the real delete (next) key. Stupid Macs. If i want shortcuts I will make them. Lee
  2. Why does my number pad not make numbers? I hate how Mac puts these useless functions on top of basic tools. How can i turn number lock on? I search and i get different solutions for different O.S. Mac is useless and unreliable.
  3. Really? They drop the support for a version after 3 years? I am just starting with a new company and new to VW. I am not impressed with the fundamental kinematics of getting things done. The advanced functions are enticing but if you cant even do basic work i will loose interest. This may not last very long.
  4. I am running version 2019 on a new iMac and i need to flutter the zoom to see every change. Also why is there no shortcut for Force select? I need to force select everything. That is unacceptable.
  5. Ok thanks. I will try those today. If i use the grid can i realign it to objects or points? I did just see the make guide option. Seems ok but i really want a ray not a line. I will read up on the smart cursor functions too. Just starting in VW and wondering where the tools are.
  6. Where are the guide lines or construction rays?
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