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Viewport name already being used



I keep getting this error message, even though the viewport name isn't being used by another object. Any one else having this problem? I always have to go back to the viewport annotations to change the detail number, it would be nice to just assign the number when I create the viewport.


VW 2020 SP4, Architect, InteriorCAD

mid-2015 Macbook Pro


Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 09.51.18.png

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If you are getting that message, then it is very likely the name is actually being used by another object.


If you want to track it down, create a worksheet. Right Click on the Row 3 Row Header and check the Database option. You will get a Criteria dialog box. Set the Criteria to All Objects. Click the More Choces button and add a Criteria of Name IS NOT and then leave the last box blank.  Check all of the check boxes for Symbols, PIOs, Annotations, etc. and click OK. You will get a worksheet listing every object in the file that has a name.


Click into cell A3 and enter a formula of =N. This will now add the name of every object in the database. Click the disclosure triangle in cell A3 and set this to Sort either ascending or decending as you need to get the names in an order than works for you. Scroll down until you find the name that is causing you problems. Right click on the subrow row header and choose Select Item. The drawing will pan and zoom and the edit mode (symbol, active class, active layer) will change so that the object with that name will be centered in your drawing window. Rename the object as necessary.



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Hi Pat, 


I'm using Vectorworks 2023 and I have some items hidden in my drawing I'm trying to find and delete using your method above but I think I am missing a step (or maybe it has changed in 2023?), my report is coming up with results but I can't see the names of any of them to then delete the problem ones. Any suggestions or updated instructions? Thank you!

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If =N shows nothing that means that those objects do not have names.


Try putting in Database Header Row formulas of:






In three different columns.


This will show you the object type, the Layer and the Class.  With that information you should be able to find the "hidden" objects and remove them.


You will also need to change the Criteria because the criteria I have specified above only shown objects that have names.


Actually, I think I need a better explanation of what you are actually trying to do so I can help more.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Also, worksheet only report what is in the drawing. Resources that are not in the drawing such as texture names, style names, symbol names, hatch names, etc. all must be uniquely named. Everything except for layers uses the same name space.

If you are not finding it in the document you may need to look at the resources in the document.
If you are searching for a specific name you may want to try a vectorscript such as:
{Replace NAME with the name you are searching.}
If GetObject('NAME') <> NIL then AlrtDialog(Concat(GetType(GetObject('NAME'))));
Then you can look up the object type here:

This might point you in the right direction if the name is a resource.

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Thank you Pat and Klinzey, I was making Focus Points and it wouldn't let me make one called "C" because it was saying that name was already in use, this was very annoying to skip a letter, and problematic because I need to clean this file up for guest and student use. I searched in the resources and found a record called "C"! I deleted it and was able to now make a Focus Point C 🙂

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