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Parking Space object bugs

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I am using VWA 2021 SP2. Is the parking lot tool just screwed up permanently? When I create a parking lot and then edit the number of spaces or any other item in the OIP the parking spaces disappear. Sometimes they will reappear later after many versions of saving and reloading the file. Strange behavior. If the tool doesn't work please remove it. I keep thinking I am doing something wrong.

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@CollaborativeMT I don't see those behaviors in 2020 SP5.


I've always felt the parking tool leaves a lot to be desired, especially in regards to 3D striping.  You would think the accessible aisle and symbol would be customizable to local regulations.  Would be nice if a custom wheelstop cold be added.

Instead, I have to lay them out manually to get a nice predictable behavior, especially on angled spaces 😞


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