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  1. CollaborativeMT

    Space Object Delay

    The 8-second delay every time I select a space object before it the data appears in the OIP is driving me insane. Is this a bug? If it is, please make fixing this a priority. If it isn't what I am doing wrong here? This is not a big file at all. VWA 2019 macOS 10.14.
  2. CollaborativeMT

    Solid subtraction of generic solids

    Newbie Problem: In VWA 2019 I am not able to run the subtract solids command on two generic solids. But, if I group the two objects, edit the group, then run subtract solids command, then ungroup the created object I can. Is this expected behavior?
  3. CollaborativeMT

    Getting delta x,y,z coordinates with tape measure tool

    Here is how this works in FormZ. There is a toggle switch between absolute and delta x-y-z values. The direct linear distance reports to the screen.3D-MeasureinFormZ.pdf
  4. Newbie question here: When working in 3D space, is there a way to easily get the delta x-y-z coordinate distances between two points? The tape measure tool returns the true lineal distance. It would be nice to be able to copy one of the coordinate distances and then paste into a move command. Alternatively, is there an align in 3d command similar to the 2d align/distribute? Thanks, Bill


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