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  1. I agree, some sort of page layout level typography and UI should be part of the "one flexible solution" philosophy. I find that I end up creating dozens of text styles that are only slightly different. There should be a visor just like in this post editing box that pops up directly above the text you are editing with a pull down for text style rather than mousing over to OIP and clicking a box. I find the way VW handles text to be very strange. VW should recognize that you are: typing a number list hitting return and indenting, by starting another number, etc. just like the above visor.
  2. A double bay of parking has an option in the OIP for screen or layer plane. Switch it to single bay and the option disappears. Am missing something here? This tool is totally useless.
  3. I am using VWA 2021 SP2. Is the parking lot tool just screwed up permanently? When I create a parking lot and then edit the number of spaces or any other item in the OIP the parking spaces disappear. Sometimes they will reappear later after many versions of saving and reloading the file. Strange behavior. If the tool doesn't work please remove it. I keep thinking I am doing something wrong.
  4. When I try to open Vectorworks in front of a client I get this! Why does Vectorworks limit you to two installations of Vectorworks Architect? With an E license you can only use one at a time anyway. I have a desktop at work, a desktop at home, and a laptop that I travel with to give presentations. This really pisses me off about Vectorworks. My other software, FormZ, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD allow 3 installs. Why are you making my life more difficult with this stupid EULA Policy! I called support and they said there is nothing they can do.
  5. I find that DxO Viewpoint (DxO Perspective on the App Store) can easily correct these perspective issues if you can also do some cropping of the stretched pixels. I have salvaged a lot of crappy sketch up renderings that way.
  6. I am finding that I am using Snagit more and more. Instead of slowly scrolling through a giant pdf set in Bluebeam Studio, I grab a screen shot. Snagit stores the image in a library sorted by application, date/time, image, type. Pretty cool.
  7. It saves screen captures as a proprietary .snagitproj file which you can then export at Retina image size in several formats.
  8. RGyori, My iMac has the same specs as yours. I just installed Snagit for screen capture. It is $49 but is totally worth it. It captures high-res images and videos right from a crop on the 27" screen, especially when you have all the OpenGL settings cranked up. No need for presentation mode with the crop. Then you can quickly crop, adjust, annotate, etc., and email out right from Snagit.
  9. The 8-second delay every time I select a space object before it the data appears in the OIP is driving me insane. Is this a bug? If it is, please make fixing this a priority. If it isn't what I am doing wrong here? This is not a big file at all. VWA 2019 macOS 10.14.
  10. Newbie Problem: In VWA 2019 I am not able to run the subtract solids command on two generic solids. But, if I group the two objects, edit the group, then run subtract solids command, then ungroup the created object I can. Is this expected behavior?
  11. Here is how this works in FormZ. There is a toggle switch between absolute and delta x-y-z values. The direct linear distance reports to the screen.3D-MeasureinFormZ.pdf
  12. Newbie question here: When working in 3D space, is there a way to easily get the delta x-y-z coordinate distances between two points? The tape measure tool returns the true lineal distance. It would be nice to be able to copy one of the coordinate distances and then paste into a move command. Alternatively, is there an align in 3d command similar to the 2d align/distribute? Thanks, Bill


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