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How can I reference my Marionette Object in a worksheet?

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First, I'd just like to point out that I'm still somewhat new to VW and extremely new and self taught when it comes to the Marionette tool.


So, I created an underground catch basin with several in and out pipes for drainage purposes. Now, the way I put together the script is probably not the easiest or correct way to do it, but the object surprisingly works well in my mind. Now, I want to see if it's possible to get all of these dimensions referenced in a database worksheet. I've tried researching a little bit, and If I understand correctly, this process happens within the script level; I just don't really have a clue on how to do it.


I've attached the file I'm working on and a screenshot depicting my question. If there's anything I can provide or clarify further for anyone, please let me know!


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

- DM



VW Screenshot.png

Catch Basin_Marionette Object (Worksheet Practice).vwx

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So the trick in this case is to edit the marionette network to take the parameter entered in the Shape Pane of the OIP and also store that value in a record.field for access by a worksheet.


That is a cool trick, but it would be much nicer is there was a way to directly access the marionette "fields" rather than having to manually do it with 3 or 4 extra tiles for each field you want to be able to access.

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@Pat Stanford


DomC has built a node do get the OIP Parameter ("hidden in json load").

I have also try to get the OIP Parameter, because I wanted to change the Parameter for every Marionette Object directly in the Worksheet.

3 Days "try an error" - with no result! 😞 

This Funktion is on my wishlist since 2018...       

Greatings M.Graf



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That is a very nice function, but I would still like to be able to access and edit Marionette data directly from a worksheet.

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Acess works without problems.


Mrnt Params.vwx


But I am not able to script a bidirectional function. Maybe someone knows how something like this could work.

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very nice!

without VW scripting / only with Marionette also works in one direction. The fieldvalue is changeable... no impact.

Is the Script warning normal? I don't see it before. 

Is it possible to create or get malware by Marionette / Phyton? 




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The dialog box looks like it is from a worksheet script, not from the Marionette. And yes it is normal when you run worksheet scripts.


Any scripting language has the possibility of being malware.  The risk of something bad increased substantially when Python was added as a scripting option because it could much more easily access the entire file system than Vectorscript ever could.

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