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  1. the real problem: the cell value in the old "get cell value node" is a string with "comma" like "1,23" the "float node" only converts strings with Dezimalpoints like "1.23" to numbers But the script stops at the first node with the error message, so it is difficult for the user to find the error. greatings M.Graf string_to_value.vwx
  2. @Pat Stanford, the get cell value node from VW 2020 returns value not string, but Martijn Wingelaars old Node (from VW2015 or Forum?) returns string. I only added the new node in his script and it works. greatings M.Graf
  3. Hello Martijn Wingelaar, don't know why - but the (old?) "get subrow cell value" node creates "string" output, then equal or less equal can't work 🙂 i added the normal "get Cell Value" and it works... You can test your Scripts with the debug Mode... the red "bug" button Marionette Worksheet File-MG.vwx
  4. don't change the epsilon value in the "Less Node" (its only the computational accuracy) in your file i added a simple example, how to use the "less node" greatings M. Graf WORKSHEET 4_ v2020_MG.vwx
  5. Hi Chris there was an "Enter" in front of the text in your worksheet and some other errors. I've corrected some of them, maybe that will help. ApplyTextureFromList-MG.vwx
  6. sorry forgot: I don't think "sel" works with groups, if you want it to work with groups, a "group filter" would have to be added as well.
  7. very good! i look at your Network, and see you removed my "Marionette Node Filter". you should better take both filters (Layer and Marionette Node Filter) and the Valve Node Part to stop the Script if nothing is selected. from Marissa: "...It's possible that some of the nodes in your network are in a selected state when they are placed and are being included in the count of your selected objects." greatings M.Graf
  8. I have added some nodes to your marionette network - everything else is in the file (ich habe einige Nodes in Ihrem Marionette Netzwerk ergänzt - alles weitere steht in der Datei) try this version 🙂 Align Distance_20-06-08-MG.vwx
  9. Behind the Symbolnode - try to copy the Symbol and send it to the other Layer. In this file i modified the "set Layer node" to get the "choose" outside the Wrapper test v2020.vwx
  10. another solution: text "convert to poly" and rotate Text_to 3d-Poly.vwx
  11. something like that? Greatings M.Graf text to 3d-Objekt.vwx
  12. @Tom M. found another bug: if the String node "1_Raum_ID" or "2_Bez" is empty - same issue. wrote a little Script in the String Node, it change "empty String" to "Space" / "Leerzeichen" Weird Text Issue-bugfix.vwx greatings M. Graf
  13. Hallo MRoth, hab ich was verpasst - wo gibt es ein deutschsprachiges Marionette Forum. M.Graf
  14. i test my new node in VW 2019 last SP and in VW2020 SP2 - it works only in VW2020 SP3.1 - i don't know why. in the new node i change vs.GetSymLoc(symHd) to vs.GetSymLoc3d(symHd) getsymloc3d.vwx
  15. you don't need the pass node, it was just easier to convert the script with it.


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