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  1. Hello, I found it - but very mysterious! It was the rectangle node. I swapped and connected the rectangle node. At first only the new rectangle node ran. Then I wanted to look in the defect Rectangle Node. Then suddenly both were running... and all. Cabinetry - mg.vwx
  2. Hello JeroenSoeijen known bug... Workaround: the new file must have the same scale as the original file / as far as I know it was once imported you can change the scale greatings M.Graf
  3. hello bgf, i only test it with OSX. Please check this Link for Window's 'https://files.pythonhosted.org/packages/fc/2f/b0948c5aef8bdb6954b8421177c883818e6ae901a8da7c83fea9e7bd6d10/Pillow-8.1.2-cp38-cp38-win_amd64.whl' greatings M.Graf
  4. Sorry, so far I haven't found a workaround. I have tried to create one arcpolyline instead compose single Arclines.
  5. Hello sbarret, Problem with unit's or Vectorworks-Version in <curve Map Vase>? refresh don't work / no parameter changed.... Mac osx 11.2.3 / M1 / german version SP3.1.2 R1 greatings M.Graf
  6. the compose node don't work in your Marionette Object. I think this part of the node is the cause: I'll test a workaround tomorrow...
  7. maybe this process is helpful... (also works without the <obj> node at the very end of a Marionette script, "scriptlines" can also be used as input) greatings M.Graf List Forward.vwx
  8. hi AlanW Thank you for the example, it contains the same "detour" symbols to be placed that I had shown. The symbol node would be much easier if the move Z part were done in the Symbolnode itself and the user could place the symbol with 2D or 3D coordinates. (And there are a lot of nodes that a revision would do well) But I think the main problem for users is, that there are too many examples in the forum that cannot be run in Vectorworks 2021: - <ImageProcessing> "old Phytonlink" and with "new Link" leads to a memory overflow when used several times - <Kitchen Shelf> - opening and closing the wrapper generates an error message. etc ... Many of the "simple nodes" used in the good examples are no longer the "original nodes" or do not exist at all in the standard installation! My constructive suggestion: Please include at least the very good new nodes e.g. <enhanced Rectangle> in the standard installation, build a new structure for the Marionette Examples: "tested examples" that can be run in the current Vectorworks version (e.g. 2021SP2)" and "older examples" that cannot run or have not yet been adapted". This would save users a lot of frustration. regards M.Graf (Sorry - "Google translator")
  9. Everything you write is well described! I think the following decision has to be made by the developers: Should we stop Marionette and integrate the great possibilities of Grashopper into Vectorworks, or should we even enable both. or: let's stay with Marionette and improve the possibilities of Marionette through massive revisions and a quick removal of all known bugs. Although I have been working intensively with Marionette for 5 years now, with every major project I quickly come to limits of Marionette (or mine 🙂 ). Since I can only write very rudimentary missing nodes with Phyton and certainly cannot fix bugs, I am constantly dependent on python cracks, who might want to help me with this. Or I have to look for complex alternative strategies to bypass known bugs and limitations with the existing nodes. It's all a shame, because I'm still very enthusiastic about the theoretical possibilities of Marionette. Regards M.Graf (sorry - "google Translate")
  10. Hello willofmaine I couldn't send you my script directly, because I accidentally created it with an instructor version from Vectorworks. It's great that you managed to do it yourself with my short description. greatings M.Graf
  11. My solution... don't know if it's the fastest way, but it works 🙂 Point 0.0 (because Symbol want 2d Point) an then move to 3d Point with the Mix node for more then one Symbol. I changed also <Control geometrie> to <Name> node. Greetings M.Graf
  12. Hi Antonio, with this Link it works! Thank you very much. For everyone who wants to edit pictures with Marionette in VW2021, here is a new compilation (Pick File (by DomC) and new PIP Install etc.) greatings M. Graf PIP Install Image.vwx
  13. better you take the "enhanced Rectangle Node"... from DomC 🙂
  14. Last week I had the same problem with a 2d / 3d symbol, that I wanted to rotate with Marionette. 2d "planview" you can apparently only rotate it with a 2d vector angle. Same with your rectangle.
  15. Hi all, does anyone have a solution? VW 2021 on Mac M1 can't open Images with Marionette (Phyton Pillow) greatings M.Graf Install Pillow_Image.vwx
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