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  1. you don't need the pass node, it was just easier to convert the script with it.
  2. Hi Grzegorz, you need the "PioHandle" in your Marionette Object. the corrected Object Node is in my uploaded .vwx file greatings M.Graf RecordsAndMarionetteObjects-MG.vwx
  3. Hello PatW "...the folder does not exist..." I would have to find a way to check with phyton (for osx and win) if the folder exists and if not I would have to create the folder. (it's not a great problem, because the user can also create the folder manually...) greatings M.Graf
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Covid 19 (VW2020) Man sollte den Feind kennen bevor man in den Kampf zieht… 🙂 (you should know the enemy before going into battle) m.graf Dieses Marionette Objekt ermöglicht die lagerichtige Ausrichtung von Symbolen an beliebigen 3d Punkten auf beliebigen Kugeloberflächen. Die 3d Symbole sollten dafür liegend (auf der x-Achse) erzeugt werden. Oder vorher mit der "Rotation Node" durch einen weitere Rotation um 90° um die Y-Achse gedreht werden The Marionette object enables symbols to be aligned in the correct position at any 3d point on any spherical surface. The 3d symbols should be generated horizontally (on the x-axis). Or previously rotated 90 ° around the Y axis with the "rotation node"
  5. the "Convert to NURBS" node might be your solution.
  6. I would like to check (in Windows or OSX) with Marionette / python if there is a needed folder in the VW library, if not it should be created. here my script part, but if the folder does not exist unfortunately Marionette reports an error so far it would be great if someone had a solution.
  7. Hello Sarah Great, it even works! The handling with lists remains my personal weak point. 😫 greatings M.Graf @Gregi - take the example of Sarah it is much better
  8. @Gregi, entering the datafields as a repeat list is an interesting idea, but I don't think it works. Respectively I find no solution. List processing is somewhat difficult in marionette, here it would be very helpful to optimize marionette in the future. Here my experiments and a simple variant that works at least. (the lower one) Forum_Set Record-mg.vwx
  9. @Gregi I would always assign one individual value in a database, in your case for example the position of the symbol. Alternatively, you can create one individual number (inventory number). Than keep this individual number as the first value (column) in the database. In a similar project, I only succeeded with this simple change. If that's not the solution, I'll take a closer look at your file.
  10. Unfortunately, this is a weak consolation, but it is hard reality to be a pioneer. 🙂 "Copy and paste" is easier. if you don't want to post the whole script here, unfortunately you have to go the hard way and try to isolate the problem in the network With the valve node (on all parallel lines) you can build breakpoints in the network to check if the networks run until then. I wish you success!
  11. Aneesh Carvalho: your question about the "pass node": Sometimes i have to delete the "absorb part" and change to "normal input" in the pass node, don't know why... but it works sometimes. Sorry this is only experience of many hours "try and error" ( i'am only architect not a programmer)
  12. all our Networks with > 300 nodes: - closing the Marionette Object (Wrapper) after changing Nodes = 2min or more - "reset by move" same Marionette Objekt = 1min
  13. If i have to check my network in a wrapper, i make new "outputs" with named pass nodes (first behind the nodes at the beginning than in the middle ...) then from line to line or node to node i check the Dataflow in the wrapper. (very lengthy 😕) If someone have a better solution to check the data flow in a wrapper please let me know. this "node or tool" is number one on my wish list! Number two on my wishlist: wrappers with big Networks (>100 nodes) have to be closed faster!
  14. its crazy and i can't understand my own "network" - but it works maybe someone else found a better solution... (see the print debug with 4 Polygons) smooth_Vertex_all.vwx
  15. bug with range node - i try again


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