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  1. Okay good to know, but i only take numbers in names, to sort the input parameter for wrapper or objectnodes (such as 01_Input, 02_Input...) anything else only with simpel Text, without "ä,ö,ü,...@-*/&" greatings M.Graf
  2. and here a simple solution for all angles between 0-360°, not a perfect solution - only one example for your next steps 🙂 if you take the "getvertex" node, take all the vertex(points) create all lines and then choose the longest line angle... ID script-freeangle.vwx
  3. try this file... i have change the Nodes for the Input angle from "INT" to "ANY"... in your Network ID script-fix.vwx
  4. i can't (don't want) afford the trip to the Design Summit... we can meet in May...
  5. I love Marionette, but reported bugs should be fixed faster... we should meet to share our experience a little greatings M.Graf
  6. with the "set 2d vertex" node, here is a little example: smooth_Vertex.vwx
  7. i change the script in this Node to: Sorry: "DIM" = Dimension, such as meter or inch. (Node DIM) "Marionette Network" = all connected nodes greatings M.Graf
  8. choose.vwx take a look at the script in this file (choose) the result from "popup node" is (0,1,2,3,4...) and you must add the DIM by script or with Marionette Network if choose == 1 Value = 2.135
  9. try this spezial old "crit node" for menu 🙂 i believe the "criterium" by Popup (PIO?) will lost in new file or in Menucommand. Attrib_by_ClassName_v2019.vwx
  10. i have build you a very simple "choose node" (VW2019) / this node works in Marionette objects try to open /edit the "choose node", it's very easy to change or expand the script. test_vw2019.vwx test_vw2020.vwx
  11. here the file in VW 2019 Attrib_by_ClassName_v2019.vwx
  12. Maybe this simple example could help you. and here the VWX File... Attrib_by_ClassName.vwx
  13. m.graf

    Bulkhead tool

    Damned, only one Picture should upload.. "uncheck the smooth Corner option"
  14. I have the solution... without the own Database and IFC PSet set_IFC.vwx


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