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  1. Hello, the <remove duplicate> node belongs behind the property that you do not want to have more than once. Or before the text to be written in the legend. (die <remove duplicate> node gehört hinter die Eigenschaft, die Sie nicht mehrfach haben wollen. Beziehungsweise vor den Text, der in die Legende geschrieben werden soll.) greatings M. Graf
  2. i think it's a bug... greatings M. Graf
  3. I do not know yet... have you tried to create a new intelligent symbol from my slightly modified marionette object and to import it? Greatings M. Graf
  4. no problem - only copy the marionette from file to file... without the Symbols. Greatings M. Graf Bildschirmaufnahme 2021-02-21 um 17.50.31.mov
  5. Hello Thomas Peters, okay now i see the problem. I'll check it out in the next few days. Your script may have problems finding the symbols in the library. Greatings M. Graf
  6. Hello Thomas Peters, I changed your script a little, now I think it works. Greatings M. Graf Stand Hollywood Combo Triple.vwx
  7. Hallo Jenna T. ab der Valve node darf keine "Linie" zurück ins "Marionette Netzwerk" laufen From the valve node, no "line" may run back into the "Marionette network" Greatings M. Graf
  8. Hallo Jenna T. wenn die Tür nicht erstellt werden soll müsste die <Valve Node> vor die <Box Node>. Ich habe mir angewöhnt jede "Linie" des "Marionette Netzwerks" mit der ValveNode zu sperren. Ob's es immer nötig weiss ich nicht. Gruß M. Graf Google-translate 🙂 Hello Jenna T. if the door is not to be created, the valve node would have to be in front of the box node. I've got used to blocking every "line" of the "marionette network" with the ValveNode. I don't know if it's always necessary. Greetings M. Graf
  9. Hi all, Today I need your help, how do I change the background color of a hatch and what the hell are those displayed RGB values 🙂 greatings M. Graf hatch.vwx
  10. i only found this way to ungroup all Objects (in Menu command): Send all obj with the node "set Layer" at the end of the script to a layer (same layer is possible) my node "set Layer" is modified to choose Layername with string not with Popup. greatings M.Graf set layer.vwx
  11. test v2017.vwx if this Marionette Objektnode has no Z - the Problem is VW2017
  12. try to change it to normal 3d-Objekt on "konstruktionlevel?" Sorry in german its named "Ausrichtung Konstruktionsebene"
  13. there is one chance: is a 3d component in your Marionetteobject or only 2d on the screen level?
  14. hi Eaglerulez no extra node - what's your Vectorworks Version? i see the Z in my "Objektinfopalette" in VW2019/2020/2021 greatings M.Graf


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