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  1. @m.graf, your last test was just what I needed. Thank you for the time and effort you put into solving this for me!
  2. @sbarrett , I appreciate the feedback. I'll play around with your recommendation on Monday and see if I can make it work the way I envisioned. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I'm still very new to the Marionette tool. I'm trying to figure out how to implement the Solid Boolean nodes operation (Add/Subtract/Intersect) into the final Marionette Objects OIP as a drop down list. My wish is to be able to change the operation without having to go into the script to change it. Apologies if the solution is a simple one, but I've run out of ideas and resources to reference.
  4. @m.graf Exactly what I was after, thanks for the help!
  5. First, I'd just like to point out that I'm still somewhat new to VW and extremely new and self taught when it comes to the Marionette tool. So, I created an underground catch basin with several in and out pipes for drainage purposes. Now, the way I put together the script is probably not the easiest or correct way to do it, but the object surprisingly works well in my mind. Now, I want to see if it's possible to get all of these dimensions referenced in a database worksheet. I've tried researching a little bit, and If I understand correctly, this process happens within the script level; I just don't really have a clue on how to do it. I've attached the file I'm working on and a screenshot depicting my question. If there's anything I can provide or clarify further for anyone, please let me know! Thanks in advance for any assistance! - DM Catch Basin_Marionette Object (Worksheet Practice).vwx
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