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  1. Yes, I want more reshape handles: but better as parametric "Dimension line" / in a dimensioned Symbol, i want change the value of one or more Dimensionlines in to Parameter for Marionette. All the Parts with unchanged Dimensionlines are fix, the "parametric Dimensionlines" reshape the rest or a part of the "2d/3d Objects in the Symbol". sorry "google translate"
  2. @Tom M. Sorry, I only have guesses what it could be...
  3. i found the issue 🙂 another "String Node" (tested with string "_", and " ") at the ItemFalse Input by every "If Node" and your Marionette Object works fine! greatings M. Graf
  4. you can try to add the <Point> node (with correct Coordinates) at all "Easy Text nodes" than try the <dummy end> node, instead of <Pass> node at the end of your Marionette network greatings M.Graf
  5. hi GeorgeWL you can try this <planar Boolean Node> in the file (tilecounter_Fix.vwx) but you need the <remove Duplicate node> behind greatings M.Graf
  6. you can try this... i think there are more than one Objects in the output List of your "add surface" - Boolean Node. put the "Print Debug" node behind, to test the list, or try every item to get the red rectangle. without the Print debug node, unfortunately you have to try every Item No. from 0 to 1, to 2 ... if your nice Marionette Network works - can i get it? 🙂
  7. i write you a new Node 🙂 "get symlocation 3d" Sorry i write the node in the education Version of Vectorworks. i write the other version later getsymlocation3d.vwx
  8. you can get it with the "get 3d Info" Node...
  9. by the way... with "convert to 3d poly" behind the "Convert to nurbs" Node, you can get 3d Poly's
  10. @milezee in the symbol, the attributes of every polygon have to set by "fill by-class" - (one class for every color!) Greatings
  11. @Pat Stanford DomC has built a node do get the OIP Parameter ("hidden in json load"). I have also try to get the OIP Parameter, because I wanted to change the Parameter for every Marionette Object directly in the Worksheet. 3 Days "try an error" - with no result! 😞 This Funktion is on my wishlist since 2018... Greatings M.Graf
  12. sorry, upload a wrong file (first)
  13. @techecc take a look at the new and changed nodes in your script... Parent Pio is the important "Node" for Marionette Object Greatings M.G. Marionette Test Smaller.vwx
  14. Hey Mathias, Thanks for the flowers 🙂 Did you also try to create a "Menucommand" (Menübefehl) from the other Wrapper Greatings M.G. (TH-OWL)
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