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New Apple Mouse

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Me too, a couple of years back. I bought a cordless mouse (Logitech MX700), it's just so cool, beautiful shape, lots of buttons, scroll wheel - and no cord!!!!!!

Recently I had to reuse the Apple mouse, that came with the iMac, while I changed batteries on the MX - what a pain! I'll never go back to that, it was so slow and jerky.

David W

Auckland, NZ

VWA 11.5.1

17"iMac, 512MB RAM

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The mouse is good.

In theory is not a real logitech $16 mouse... it has 4 buttons and the scroll wheel (pardon.. ball) permit to scroll left and right..

Is nice to use too.

I don't think cordless is a problem.. I cannot understand why cordless mouse are so popular.. I use my mouse near the computer...

The problem is that only 2 buttons work with VW and scrolls up and down only..

So I am just waiting for a patch for my new mouse... :-(...

Now is a ?16 logitech mouse that I paid for ?55...

Is a Nemetschek problem? or Apple problem as usual...?

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I have been using one for a day. Good ergonimics as far as I can tell. Not used to the side buttons yet, but the scroll ball is great - far easier on fingers. Right clicking has been needed for years. (Even OS 9 has had contextual menus - I think even OS 8 may have). But at the moment it is a pity Vectorworks doesn't seem to support sideways scrolling yet. And VW is simply way too sensitive! One medium scroll and I am way off in space. Works great in Photoshop and Safari though.

Nemetcheck...please support scroll mice! Either that or show me how to set the commands. Is there anyway to set a command (eg 'Pan') to a mouse button in VW 11?

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I'm not sure of the apple mouse's setup, but I am using a microsoft Intellimouse which has a button under the scroll wheel. I set this to activate a keystroke ie "space". The combination of pressing this plus the left button (normal "click") gives me a pan. The scroll can still be used, but I really don't use the it - I prefer panning. The right button I have set for keystoke "x" which gets me back to the pointer tool, and the side buttons for "c" and "v" which gives me zoom in and out. I've been happily using this set up for 4 years.

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Thanks for the comment DDDesign. I think I would just like to be able to scroll like I can in Photoshop or Safari. That would be amazing, and a time saver, but VW's doesn't support sideways scrolling at the moment and is way to jumpy. Think of the Mighty Mouse's scroll button as a trackball for your scroll bars. Pan, Zoom In and Out...I am far quicker using the keyboard. Cheers

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I've been using a Kensington wireless on a Mac (laptop), and Yes it scrolls left and right with the shift key.

Wireless frees the desktop of yet another wire. Also, there's no wire to foul and affect the smooth flow of the mouse.

I use a wired optical mouse on a PC, and it seems backward, by comparison.

Don't need Apple's mouse.

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Although I use a wireless mouse I've never ever experienced the wired versions cord fouling or effecting the flow of the mouse.

What I have found is because the cordless variety requires some form of power supply it is much heavier and as such after a days use can give me wrist pains which my old lighter corded mouse never did.

Although I invested in two cordless mice some time ago for my computers, I'm going back to a high quality and lighter corded mice, or a Kensingtom Expert Mouse, Wacom tablet, or a combination of all three as variation helps with RSI I'm told.

In my opinion, wireless mice have got more to do with a techno gimmick than of any real value, and as it's much heavier, is a contributing factor to any fatigue or pain suffered by prolonged computer use.


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The mighty mouse does not support clicking of more than one button at the same time. I gave mine up for this reason. The whole thing seemed form over function. I am back to my S+arck mouse, which is a bit random on the optical side (I have two and they are both the same) but it has great buttons/wheel.

Scrolling should be for Zoom (as it really only works in two axies). Pan is great with mouse movements.

So it makes sense to use the wheel for zoom and the wheel click for pan.

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Originally posted by timpower:

ouch - one of the reasons i bought the mighty mouse was to gain sideways scrolling in vectorworks - hoep it comes soon

I think this must be a Apple issue, because my Microsoft Cordless Mouse with the tilt/scroll wheel will scroll left or right in Vectorworks 10.5 running on Windows XP if I tilt the wheel either way.

I know the new Apple mouse works with XP, well according to Apples site it does. It would be ironic if the Apple mouse scrolling in all directions worked if used in Windows/Vectorworks but not Apple/Vectorworks.


[ 09-20-2005, 06:16 AM: Message edited by: alanmac ]

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Originally posted by timpower:

ouch - one of the reasons i bought the mighty mouse was to gain sideways scrolling in vectorworks - hoep it comes soon

I have it and you can definitely scroll anyway you want, but it's practically uncontrollable. I am very dissapointed since I bought the MM because it works like a charm with Safari and other applications.

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I think VW 12 will give you the power you are looking for with the new mouse wheel functions.

Scrolling the wheel up and down will zoom in based on cursor location. Depressing the mouse scroll wheel invokes the pan command so you can move around in the drawing quickly. Holding one of the control keys down will allow you to scroll up and down or left to right.

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Back to my $16 Logitech optical mouse...which is corded, by the way. I was more referring to Apple's price/feature ratio when I mentioned cordless (I don't like having to replace batteries to use my mouse0.

I went to get one of these for a friend, and they might be $25 now. Still a lot less than Apple's mouse - whose buttons I found less than intuitive.

In VW 11.5, Mac OS X, these work:

Normal scroll ---> vertical scrolling

Shift-scroll ----> sideways scrolling

Option-scroll ---> zoom in/out

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