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  1. The mouse is good. In theory is not a real logitech $16 mouse... it has 4 buttons and the scroll wheel (pardon.. ball) permit to scroll left and right.. Is nice to use too. I don't think cordless is a problem.. I cannot understand why cordless mouse are so popular.. I use my mouse near the computer... The problem is that only 2 buttons work with VW and scrolls up and down only.. So I am just waiting for a patch for my new mouse... :-(... Now is a ?16 logitech mouse that I paid for ?55... Is a Nemetschek problem? or Apple problem as usual...?
  2. I have upgraded to VW 11.0.1. There is an enhance in speed during selecting objects: from 11 seconds to 3 seconds!! However 3D and rendering is a bit slower... but viewport and selecting speedness is a huge improvement. ______________________ 533 MHz G4 1024MB GeForce 2 (32MB) OS X 10.3.6 VW 11.0.1
  3. Today a VW expert/seller told me that only rendering can be supported by multiprocessor (+30/40%). Vector tracing can only be made by one processor a time, so it is not possible to have benefit from two processor during cad drawing, even in future versions of VW. The video card too can bring some benefits, but 128 is enough (he uses 64).
  4. quote: How much faster is Renderworks with a dual processor setup In the VW website, somewhere but I don't know where.., is written that Renderworks with dual is 30/40% faster. Only with VW 11. VW 10.5 doesn't gain the benefits of dual machines. You have to calculate how much time do you spend in rendering. I have to buy a G5 too, and I don't know if it's better to put my money on video card, ram or processor... help us Nemetschek! They make some generic test with G5 and VW 10.5 and is quite fast (if I am not wrong, a Ghz 1.8 SP should be 5 time faster then your iBook). But I don't know what happen with VW 11.. and the differences with video cards and ram, SP and MP... If you wanto to know how much G5 Mac is faster then PC go here: Architosh
  5. quote: The selection issue sounds logical. Vectorworks redraws all objects including selection points, this takes more time if you're zoomed out and see all objects, or if you're zoomed all the way in and it only has to redraw 1 or 2 objects. If I zoom out 3/4 times (objects are very small but all visible), I see all objects but selection takes few seconds, almost instant, the same speedness zooming in (as you say). If I zoom with all objects as big as the window, it takes a lot of time. I have the selecting time problem with "total view" (sorry, I don't know if, in english, this is the correct command name..). ----------------- 533 MHz G4 1024MB GeForce 2 (32MB) OS X 10.3.6 VW 10.5.1 [ 11-08-2004, 04:45 AM: Message edited by: nevoz ]
  6. .... I made another selecting speedness test: if the zoom is very very near the drawing, selecting is immediatly. (!!)
  7. I have upgraded too. opengl rendering seems quicker. Instead, I have to report a strange behavior, but now I cannot say if it is linked with OS 10.3.6. The selecting/deselecting problem depends on the zoom. If the zoom is a total view of the drawing, selecting all is slow (4.300 3d and 2d objects, in 11 seconds), if the zoom is near the drawing or far away, select/deselecting all is 1 second! I have a G4 533 Mhz with 1 GB Ram, Geforce 32MB running VW 10.5. Have you got the same behavior? Nevoz [ 11-07-2004, 12:54 PM: Message edited by: nevoz ]
  8. Sorry Kevin... I understand what you meant, but I have to know how much is faster before upgrade to a new Mac. It is not so obvious. Only this. This is my point of view. I agree, the video card test is fundamental! There are no info about this.. I have to buy a new machine and I have the same questions. But I have to know even if a Dual processor is faster then a single processor. The cost of the Mac is very different but I don't know if speed is. Macworld makes general tests not VW tests. And VW is my first program too. NNA have to do this tests and tell us the results, but if they don't, we can do them. This is my suggestion. About Tiger, I think NNA answered us. They cannot say anything, cause when they tested Panther beta, there were no problems... they rose with the definitive version of the OS. So VW can run well with Tiger beta but very bad with the final version. nevoz
  9. quote: testing various G5 computers will not provide any meaningful information I don't think so. When you have to upgrade to a new Mac or a PC it is useful to know price vs performance. So tests are very important. I agree that video cards are the big question.. And if NNA doesn't do, we can. Every user can test times using a file shared with others. Someone just started in this forum, and I think it was good. We can publish our results.
  10. I love sketch up too. Is a very fast drawing software and VW, even if is a different tool, can import some features such as transparent solid view, anti aliasing, model rendering (not realistic but very clear, fast and nice..), a nice GUI.. Will we see this features in the next VW ver.? ;-)
  11. A viewer will be great.. The best could be a mini VW apps (like zipcad: www.zipcad.com) that runs in palmos or pocketpc. A "minicad" .. so you can draw and make correction of your project on the move where ever you are. [ 01-04-2004, 09:01 AM: Message edited by: nevoz ]
  12. I am going to buy a hp 120nr and I don't understand yet if it is possible to print in a good quality, black lines (a normal cad drawing) in normal paper. I read a lot of different opinions about print quality. And how long it takes to print an A1 format drawing? thanx nevoz VW 10.5.1b Arch MacosX 10.3.1
  13. 1) A better GUI. Less palette but dinamic (like office for macosx) 2) A new rendering effect (like sketchup..) 3) Antialiasing for text and lines and use of gray lines like illustrator, for thin lines 4) Less redundant door and window creation. The italian VW Architect has a lot (4/5ways to build a door) 5) A more simple method to build door and window 6) There are too much strange parametric object (but the problem i think it's me: i like simple things) 7) A more simple DTM 8) When there will be a cocoa VW?
  14. "Nemetschek North America officials state that VectorWorks 9.5 and 10 users will need to upgrade to Version 10.5.1 if they wish to take advantage of Mac OS X Panther." Does it works VW 9.5 under Panther, or I have to upgrade to 10.5.1? Thank you nevoz
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