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  1. Luciole Design

    Workgroup Folder dissapeared

    Doesn't work for me. No solution in VWX 2019, alas. (Mac). Tried all this and no joy. Reverting to Dropbox folder with files but giving up on making it a workgroup folder (renamed, restarted, etc. etc.) Wasted an hour of my time on this horrible thing and that's enough. I'll just have an accessible Dropbox folder with my symbols etc. inside that I'll just open in VectorWorks and import through the Resource Browser. Nobody else in the office even tried to mess with this nightmare (needs to be simple, not übergeek level!
  2. Luciole Design

    High Sierra and VW 2018

    Seems to be running fine on my test machine, but then I haven't worked on anything very long (yet). Seems to be slow to initialize - should be faster with new file system. Having issues with printing to HP DesignJet PostScript (workaround is open file on other machine or publish to PDF and print that on the other machine). Might be better to hold off a while if you don't want any surprises!
  3. Luciole Design

    Linetype not showing up in viewport

    Is the line type layer the same scale as the other design layers? Sometimes you add a layer that's set (somehow) to a different scale, causing it to shrink/magnify out of the viewport.
  4. Luciole Design

    Irrigation Schedules

    You can probably extract the data in a new worksheet/report, but that's a lot more work than just opening something up and saying "recalculate". I ended up doing this just so I'd know how the thing works.
  5. Luciole Design

    Updating plant database

    I keep a master file with my customized plant symbols that converts to the new version of vwx. Kind of cludgy, but at least I know where everything is and I'll be able to find my plant symbols. They're updated to the vwx plant database, too. I'm not a huge fan of the Filemaker runtime / Vectorworks UI for the plant database. One workaround is adding a period after the plant name so I can have two versions of a plant in the database (one with my local data and another with vwx national data). Since we do a lot of sustainable / native plant design, we add a LOT of plants.
  6. Luciole Design

    VectorWorks webinars not working

    Has anyone had trouble viewing VectorWorks webinars? I can't get any of them to load on any Mac browser. No dates and times are mentioned in the text, there's no message saying when the videos must be watched, so I thought they streamed on demand. Perhaps not... I received notification of a webinar on October 31 that might have only been available October 26, but that doesn't make sense! Error loading media: File could not be played in Firefox, Safari and Vivaldi. Play triangle does nothing in Chrome. test: http://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration/industry-webinars/site-viz-site-design-visualization-using-vectorworks?utm_campaign=webinar&utm_source=planet.vectorworks.net&utm_medium=intext (Mac running El Capitan)
  7. Luciole Design

    Unavailable 2017 SP1 fixes and improvements notes

    Anyone know if 2017 SP1 added Mac Sierra compatibility? Can't find this information anywhere. Some release notes would have been great, but no link, no notes so far.
  8. Luciole Design

    VW Crashes - Why Do We Put Up With Crashes?

    I'm getting crashes while working in 3D on relatively small files, especially when playing with Renderworks textures. It also seems to crash when updating referenced files, importing vw2016 files (some), working with smart objects (some) and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. Luckily the backup files seem to work, but it's still annoying. Bottom line: set the autosave to a time frame short enough where you don't have too much déjà vu redoing things, save often and backup everything... and hope the Sierra compatibility update makes VWX 2017 more stable!
  9. Luciole Design

    MacOS 10.12 Sierra Compatibility

    VW 2017 seems less stable than its predecessor, even on El Capitan - so crashing may not be a Sierra thing. I'll still wait for the update before moving to Sierra on my main machine - even though VW 2017 seems fine on my laptop under Sierra.
  10. Luciole Design

    MacOS 10.12 Sierra Compatibility

    So far, VectorWorks seems to be working fine (I wasn't foolish/brave enough to install it on my primary machine, though).
  11. Luciole Design

    BIM is incorrect it's more like IM

    LIM? Does an integrated model for landscape even work to test the desired outcome that includes biotic systems? I'm not so convinced about biotic systems. IM or whatever you call it works great for things that are built and primarily static. For things that grow and change, it's fine for describing the initial conditions, but (unlike the typical building) anything using biotic systems isn't "completed" until there has been enough growth to define the design and evaluate its success. It's also difficult to edit and undo topography - cut and fill calculations can be calculated, but editing them and correcting errors is far from a smooth, intuitive process. It also does not tend to consider soil horizons or profiles - something that should be as much a part of grading landforms as determining wall components.
  12. Luciole Design

    El Capitan

    Thanks. Gutenprint uses CUPS drivers, and it worked fine under Yosemite. This might be a rootless problem. In any case, Gutenprint (GIMP-print) is supposed to be working on a fix (I can still print from my main, non-updated computer running Yosemite).
  13. Luciole Design

    El Capitan

    This is not a VectorWorks issue - but it will affect anyone trying to print using VWX and Gutenprint. Gutenprint is broken - so if you're using an older HP DesignJet, you won't be able to print. None of their drivers install (fail - no software found to install), and for some reason OSX can't find the old ones, either. (I only installed 10.11 on my secondary computer, so no panic - yet)
  14. Is it possible to reference cells between worksheets? I would like to take the total (sum) field from one worksheet and reference it in a summary worksheet. There is no data attached, no records - just a field in a worksheet. My application: I have schedules with totals in one worksheet, and would like to include all the totals together in a summary worksheet. Right now, I have to enter the values by hand.
  15. I upgraded my Intel MacBook to Mac OS 10.5.2. In a (possibly) related issue, VectorWorks froze and had to be force quit. When I restarted, it said my workspace was corrupt and loaded another one. Ever since then, my Landmark workspace no longer works. There is no "workspaces" menu to select or another workspace or add the tools, and the basic tool palette is empty (blank). I tried: - deleting the preferences file - no good. - reinstalling vectorworks - no good. (I didn't erase all the old files, though) - copying the workspace from another computer (PPC) - no good. Has anyone had this problem, and is there a solution out there? Are workspace files processor & platform dependent?


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