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  1. AutoTURN looks expensive, and I don't do enough of this to justify the cost. Although it could be reasonably priced, but the cost is hidden because AutoTURN makes you fill out a full contact form just to get a price. I really don't see the point of getting email forever just because I wanted to see if it was affordable. Anything else that's simpler and included with VectorWorks?
  2. BRANCHING: I get the same crazy results as you. Vwx does say something about strange results in their help page... right they are! I think the discrepancy between manual calcs and vwx is they seem to use more inline drip, even though the border is a different class for the lines (no dots). I add a note saying to divide the drip zone area if needed, and ignore the drip zones, just in case. The numbers seem close enough, and I'd rather vwx estimates higher than lower. Not sure they can fix this - I remember something about looped lines being very difficult to calculate for computers. I think "branching" means connected at both ends of the drip in a loop (pvc or poly at the edges, water can flow from both ends of drip lines). That's not a great term - misleading, since branching usually means like a tree branch, at least to me ("divericating" in biogeek speak). FWIW, I place drip emitters at the plants and link with poly tubing wherever I'm not using a grid. Maybe someone from vwx can chime in on this? Fixable or better to simply eliminate the botched "branching" option?
  3. Funny, I ran the terminal command on the zip file to de-quarantine it and got the same result as before. Maybe you have to run it twice, once for the .zip file and once for the unzipped library file? Still, Vectorworks says "incompatible with this version" so it must be seeing it and trying to run it... Thanks for your help! At least it's a known bug and will be (has been) fixed!
  4. I'm going to wait for SP2, where the bug will hopefully be smashed. For now, it seems that drip zone polygon size and complexity affect the crash, so I deleted the zones that caused crashing and re-drew multiple zones in the same area, then linked them with lateral lines to the valve. Not foolproof, but it did reduce the number of crashes and let me finish laying out the drip zones. The patch has problems with Apple (unsigned? possibly malicious code) and VectorWorks (incompatible plug-in with this version of vwx). So expecting Apple to sign a plug-in and Vectorworks to do a recompile is beyond delusions of grandeur, and these things will be done for SP2 anyway, I imagine. Thanks for all your help!
  5. Anyone know how to apply the correct symbol for irrigation heads (get it to "stick")? When I pick the correct symbol (1/3 head, standard vectorworks symbol, filled), vectorworks picks a different, wrong symbol (Q head, unfilled). Luckily, the catalog data remains the same. Replacing with a custom symbol works, but it does not rotate correctly, cannot be manually rotated. Or maybe it can, but I don't know what to include in my symbol to create a properly rotating symbol, nor show how to specify the direction to the center of the spray pattern, nor basically anything I'd need to make this work. Workaround (bad): create a custom symbol that does not show arc so if it doesn't rotate, no big deal. Not a great solution, but better than quarter heads for half pattern! OI Palette was my compromise so I could continue working. Yes, I really did want the symbol in "wanted.png"! FIRST IMAGE: Vectorworks (wrong) pick SECOND IMAGE: WHAT I WANTED: My choice from standard Vectorworks symbols THIRD IMAGE: My crappy compromise that doesn't rotate away from the spray pattern.
  6. I did make a duplicate, but it didn't work for some reason. Same errors, but it had a creation date in September so I'm guessing it was the original file.
  7. For what it's worth, the bug affects the Windows version of VectorWorks, too (Windows 10). So no hope in switching to a Windows machine (if you have one)!
  8. Don't install the updated library on a Mac! The thing is unsigned, and won't install. Vectorworks won't accept it either because it's not compatible with SP1! Have to reinstall VectorWorks!!! The solution was worse than the problem!!!
  9. Vectorworks 2021 is crashing about every third time I move the connection point or adjust drip line emitter direction. As per your tutorial, I'm adjusting the drip line before connecting it to a valve. Sometimes deleting the drip polygon and redrawing helps, but the crashes still continue. Most often it's a "beach ball of death forever" freeze, but sometimes it's Flash! Gone! No Vectorworks. Restarted computer. Still crashes. iMac 27" retina 2017, 40 GB RAM, Vectorworks Landmark 2021. Mac OS 10.15.7.
  10. I wish someone at VWX would streamline this process. As is, too clunky to bother with!
  11. I'm not currently experiencing this issue. I get crashes on using the eyedropper, but at least the plant counts seem to be fixed.
  12. Sorry, but I'm on a deadline so I can't spend hours debugging. I just fooled with settings until they came back. Maybe when things are slower... Sorry.
  13. The worksheets are on a sheet layer. There is nothing hiding them, their classes and layers are on, but they will not display. All layers and classes were set to visible. This happens on multiple files. The next time it hits a smaller one I'll send it (this file is rather large with lots of 3D info on a large site. Reality check: if hidden classes/layers were the culprit, how come they magically reappeared when I restarted VectorWorks???
  14. Sometimes worksheets will disappear from a sheet layer. There is nothing hiding them, their classes and layers are on, but they will not display. When I open the sheet, the worksheets flicker briefly, then disappear. The only (bad) solution seems to be a restart of VectorWorks. Does anyone have a better way to make them appear, and if so will it stop them from disappearing again? Restarting Vectorworks is not a fast process! iMac 27", 40 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.15.6 (and earlier). This is a continuing issue from vwx 2020.
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