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  1. To do what? I have no information as to the scope of issues, or the number of people involved in fixing whatever problems exist, so I can't intelligently speculate on the optimal schedule. I am not an active employee, beta tester, or contractor for NNA. And, unless you are one of those, you're just pulling an arbitrary number out of your backside with no context. NNA says the patch will arrive in November. Case closed. Whether you think it's "acceptable" or not is irrelevant to the issue of releasing the required update. Again, not knowing the scope of issues, when they received it is irrelevant. And as I said before, there are many products that currently require patches to function 100% under Snow Leopard. For all you know, it's a big task and they've been working on it for months. But my point is... you don't know, and I don't know.
  2. One more point I'll make: take a look at any Mac-related web site and you'll see there are many products that currently aren't working with Snow Leopard. Either all of these companies are equally incompetent - seeing how they've had the final build of SL a few weeks - or it's a more complex issue than you think. Also (well maybe two points), take a look at the ArchiCAD web site: there's neither a tech bulletin or forum post there that indicates their compatibility status as-is with Snow Leopard. Tiger->Leopard required a patch; Leopard->Snow Leopard requires one too. The phrases "bleeding edge" and "early adopter" exist for a reason.
  3. I don't mean to offend (much), but both of you have obviously never been involved in software development. There is no guarantee from build to build that something that once worked isn't broken by a new seed. That's true for beta versions of OSes and applications. You don't rush a half-assed "compatibility patch" without thorough testing. And CAD is one of the more complex software products that's been created.
  4. Folks, there was an announcement as Ray Libby posted earlier: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/706/Vectorworks++%26+Mac+OS+X+Snow+Leopard+V+10.6 You'll also find a tech bulletin that posted on this forum site yesterday: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=128018
  5. Ben: You could do all those things (assuming Snow Leopard can be virtualized as Tiger and Leopard can in VMWare, etc. without an updated version) but I guess the question is why you'd want to.
  6. If it shows up anywhere, it would be possibly associated with the Parasolid kernel or Renderworks. But both of those are just guesses on my part.
  7. Don't upgrade your OS if you're unwilling to purchase the latest versions of your applications. Period. End of story.
  8. Bob, I completely agree about viewport updates; it's one of (but not the only) issues that keeps me from embracing more of a comprehensive 3D BIM approach.
  9. There is not a Mac native version of Revit, so using it vs. VW would mean navigating both Mac and Windows interface differences all the time. While not necessarily a big deal I've found instances where some members of project teams seem incapable to do both and keep their wits about them.
  10. Upgrading is always a business decision, first and foremost. I've purchased some software products and upgrades that pretty much paid for themselves in one job. I've seen way too many instances of architects who are pennywise and poundfoolish. Having said that, I'm still on OSX 10.4.11 and VW2008. I need more information and need to see the product in person before being able to justify an upgrade at the moment. I may wait until 10.6 comes out next year, since I have other products like Macromedia Studio that I'll need to upgrade as well.
  11. The only way I know to do it is to specifically set the sketch settings in the design layers (via the render tab) and set the items you don't want to have sketched to be 'no sketch'. Then, set the viewport to sketch and you should see only the portions not set to 'no sketch' as non-sketched lines. Hope this helps...
  12. I thought the "nr" stood for network-ready and rollfeed.
  13. Yes, that is unfortunately what one must do for the time being. It's not fun or pretty.
  14. Robert, I've always indicated any skylights as part of a window schedule. The carpenter needs the rough opening info and factor in the need for the shaft framing, and it needs to be ordered by somebody. Otherwise, it falls through the cracks.
  15. Peter, you can adjust the mullion width via the "parts" section (part: sash and mullion: mullion width)... I did this for representing some windows I'm using that have a 2" space mull.
  16. Let's turn that argument around - you can get a discount for not getting a printed manual. Seriously, though, welcome to 2006 (if not 2003). Few companies ship printed manuals anymore. And I have to confess I haven't read one in years, either. Online and PDF help versions haven't caused me any problems.
  17. It's available in 12.0.1, but not 12.0.0 - have you updated yet?
  18. There is also a "digest" format where you receive a single email message that contains all of the postings for the past 24 hours. Some may find that easier to manage than individual messages.
  19. The fact you are directly communicating in this thread with a Vice President of the company is a testament to how well NNA is in touch with its users, IMHO. If you want your feedback/possible issues to be reviewed by NNA technical staff, the best way is to use the bugsubmit@nemetschek.net address as Robert mentioned. Perhaps you should join the VW User list as another venue to comment on the program? http://lists.nemetschek.net/archives/vectorworks-l.html
  20. I was trained in hand drawing/drafting while in school in the late 80's/early 90's, and only picked up CAD in my spare time and on-the-job with my first firm. I now have my own Architecture practice, and have yet to have a client meeting where I don't end up sketching something out to communicate an idea when I am many miles away from my computer (to steal Fred's line.) Being able to draw manually is not outdated any more than being able to write longhand (as opposed to typing.) I've worked with 6 different CAD systems in the past 16 years... don't get too dependent on one way of thinking about the tools you use.
  21. No problems here either...
  22. What version of VW are you trying to run it on? I've used it on VW12 Designer with no problems.
  23. Brad, NNA has said in the past (formally or informally I can't recall) that the recommended method is to put your dimensions, etc. in the annotation portion of the viewport.
  24. The National Cad Standard, or a reference book like the venerable Architectural Graphic Standards, are likely to be the best places to find something you could consider an authoratative source. At least that's what government agencies, some corporations, etc., see as "the standard." But many design professionals have a fierce libertarian streak on this subject.
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