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The problem comes when a 'bug' is listed as fixed and then magically re-appears through some other procedure or process or backwards compatibility issue. Usuually, its best to allow the release to circulate for awhile ... monitor the feedback...and then allow a list of 'bug' fixes to slowly propagate. These boards are quite good at both identification and verification.

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Hey Malice

I think you're on to it, it's a trick. 11.5.1 is a blank update. It doesn't actually do anything but at least it looks like they're working on the product and issuing regular updates. Here's what to do. Make up your own list of bug fixes and send it to Katie, she's goning to publish the most interesting one as the official list.

Here's some of my list

1. Stopped that annoying rattle from the cooling fan

2. I've noticed my coffee stays hot for longer

3. No need to thump the screen to speed up rendering

4. Less famine in the third world

5. I can now always find the correct side of my scale rule...first time!

6. That little bald patch is growing back.

Heck...I can't wait for Version 12. I can just see the advertising now.

Upgrade to the all new Vectoworks 12, the latest fastest coolest CAD program ever, we're not going to waste your time telling you about all of the new features. Just buy it and find out for yourself ya whimp!

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What version are you running because I have Version 11.5 Mac and on your bug fix list number six on the list is not working on my machines at all, in fact exactly the opposite!!

As regards number five, I've always found it works with " find the scale you want on the last face available" option permanently on and cannot find the tick box to change this.


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To me 11.51 solves all my issues which forced me back to 11.1 from 11.5.

Some of the geometry of my symbols 'exploded' after inserting them, rendering them, and going back into design layer. This forced me to revert back to 11.1 and rebuild many projects. This bug is definately solved, however you may label it.

My only issue now is that 11.51 is very slow in comparison to 11.1.

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It's now August, and still no list of bug fixes in 11.5.1.

Maybe the list is part of a paid upgrade to VectorWorks Genius Edition? In order to qualify for this upgrade, you'll have to buy every product NNA makes and take the entire development staff out to a really nice dinner.

Hmm. maybe you could just take them all out to dinner and ask them to slip you their bug fix list under the table?

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Opps...Katie sent naughty Mike this, please take note:

"The comments on the message board regarding having people send their bug fixes to me and I will compile a list is not appropriate.

I can understand your frustration of not having the list available. It was out of my control. All I do is support the program. The list is devised on the engineering end.

Please refrain from disrespectful comments in the future."

It was a joke Katie...you know, haha, humour. For the most part I think everybody understood this. No disrespect intended. However, any of you out there who actually took my post to be a serious comment have my deepest apologies (and sympathy)

Smirks quietly to himself and goes back to work.

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