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  1. I am using HDRI lighting in my sheet layers. Is there a way to use the HDRI lighting on the reflections and lighting of the model, but not show up in the background?
  2. Domer1322, am I able to send a file to you to see if your VW2010 will crack? Thanks Eddie
  3. Thanks all. I will continue to do some experimenting. Strange though - they are brand new uncluttered machines. Using VectorWorks 2010.
  4. I bought 2 brand new iMacs with the new i7 processors. Both have two identical problems: - I have a fairly large drawing (but not huge) with much 3D geometry. When I update viewports, I get either a crash, or an error that says 'viewport cannot be rendered because of lack of memory'. 'reduce the page dpi. However the dpi is only 200, plus I have 12 gigs of RAM. I have an old MacBook Pro with only 4 gigs of RAM, and it renders fine. Both iMacs have identical problems. I also have a 2 month old iMac with the i5 chip, and it works just fine. Anybody else having rendering issues with the i7? Thanks all.
  5. So in other words. go ahead and install it, and use it on both of your machines. Just dont run both machines at the same time.
  6. Hi all, does anyone have any experience with VW2008 and Cinema 4D 10.0? I understand there is a working plugin between VW2008 and C4D 10.5, but I dont want to upgrade if I dont have to... Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has experience with multicore (Win or Mac) machines running Vectorworks, and if VW supports some of these such as the 4-core Intel Processors, or even the new dual quad core Mac Pro machine. Anyone out there? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I was thinking of doing a hardware upgrade, but one of the biggest issues is slow refresh in wireframe mode if I have complex 3D geometry. Instead of upgrading the machine, what about spending some money on a great video card. In your opinion, will a new, more high performance video card effect performance in: 1. Open GL Rendering (Speed, and Quality). 2. Wireframe refresh Or are these issues processor dependent? I currently have an ATI Radeon 9600 XT, standard in the Dual G5 2.5 Thanks!
  9. theres no option (like in Cinema 4d) to bridge open surfaces on a NURBS surface in VectorWorks is there?
  10. Hi all, I am having problems lofting a NURBS surface to create a solid. I have created one NURBS surface, and all I want to do is make a duplicate copy of it, make it 3/16" higher in the Z position, and then create a solid from those 2 surfaces. I am trying everything, and cant get it to work Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Hi all, does anyone have any experience, or have worked with any plugins or programs that work between VectorWorks and MasterCAM?
  12. Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading to a new Mac Pro, but I am wondering if just a simple video card upgrade will help in speed increases. I am wondering if there is a card out there that will sweeten the Open GL render quality (so it is almost as good as FQ Renderworks) and at the same time, increase the speed. Does anyone have any experience? Thanks!
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