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We have a drawing / document which we use as a 'master project' template. When starting a new project rather than start with a new file we open this document and use it as the template to set up the new project. This year 2019 to 2020. The file contains our classes and sets out our standard layers and contains our drawing title templates. I belive it was started as a template on version 2018.


At each vectorworks update we update / convert our 'master project' file rather than set up a fresh file. Is this the correct procedure?


I am concerned that I may be setting up bugs or faults inherited from the original file.

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Your instincts are right. It's always preferable to set up from scratch imo -

It's a worthwhile investment. If possible gather responses from several users about the existing Template file before beginning.


Diligently reassessing and setting up your Project Template for the transition can not only avoid inheriting buggieness

but can help you examine the latest version in more depth and reveal improved functionality, preferences etc. that you may not be taking advantage of.

One simple example is the continuing expansion of Styles for many object types.


Remember, you can import Classes & Layers from a converted file rather than reconstructing them.


Similarly I would also consider setting up your custom Workspace anew

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I’ve had advise that both templates and workspaces should be rebuilt from scratch with each new release.


Im not sure about that however - it can be a lot of work.


I think it depends on how much and what sort of customisation there is and also if you are experiencing any buggy behaviour or unexpected crashes. 


If the templates / workspaces are a few versions old however then it’s probably a good idea to rebuild.


i rebuilt our office workspace and templates when we moved to vw2019 and @bcd is right, it was an opportunity to build upgrade and improve them.


When I did it I was careful to document the various settings so that I can do it it a lot quicker next time. 

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I also think it is better to do Templates from scratch

or risky to just migrate them.


But in reality I just migrate Templates and Workgroup Folder ....

for obvious reasons, since VW 2016 or so.

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Thank you for your replies and feedback.


As suggested I am going to start a fresh new file. Do I need to write in all the classes again or can I simply import the classes from the original template without importing any glitches or problems?

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