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Objects without faces!?


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On 4/26/2019 at 4:25 PM, Pat Stanford said:

These look like you drew the profile and then extruded a few inches. And had the Fill set to None.


If that is true, then just edit the extrusion and make sure the profile has a Fill.

Other thing I'd have done in this circumstance is to draw one object, make it a symbol. Then, when  I find an issue such as missing object fill, I can edit the symbol and all the rest of the symbols on the drawing are updated at once.

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And I of all people who has frequently railed to friends against the alphabetization of the English language! 😱


OIP = Object Information Palette. Click on the polygon and check and see if the small box next to "Closed" is check for not. If it isn't you can simply check the box manually and it will close the polygon for you.

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10 minutes ago, Marissa Farrell said:

OIP stands for Object Info Palette.


(fun tip - if an acronym is used regularly here and has a dotted line beneath it, hovering over it with your cursor will display what it stands for.)

Thx. I clicked on it instead which showed nothing.

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