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  1. I would like to edit this slab so that its southern edge aligns with the northern edge of the wall. When I enter the edit boundary mode, I'm presented with only the boundary and no other geometry. How are you supposed to achieve what I am trying to do?
  2. The VW tutorial I saw on making floor plans showed the viewports as wireframe. However doing so leaves both faces of the wall visible where a door is. If I change the viewport to hidden line, then the doors and windows disappear. How do we make a conventional floor plan where the cut plane is at 4' AFF?
  3. How do I create or resize this viewport to be the same size as the red dashed rectangle?
  4. Can anyone tell me why the linework in this elevation (screenshot from a sheet layer) is so fuzzy? The section and the floorplan are not fuzzy.
  5. So I've inputted a door with the correct dimensions, and I've drawn a door slab. But I don't see how to format the door into an opening. BTW the first image below does not belong in this thread but I don't see how to delete it. Please see the second image.
  6. I need to make this a sliding barn door and was unable to find one in the resource manager. How can I create a custom sliding barn door?
  7. Hmmm...The lines don't change to dashed. Yes, and it's a 3-D model. The trellis is on its own subclass from the main roof class. Yes, the attributes are defined by class.
  8. Thx Wes, But all this sounds terribly complex. I just want to design and document.
  9. Thx. I clicked on it instead which showed nothing.
  10. How does vectorworks show overhead elements as dashed lines? Like these trellis components?
  11. Can anybody show me how to make the top of this highlighted wall 42" AFF?
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