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Any chance of an update to this list and a bit more info, based on the latest hardware/ vwx software combo's?


Would also be good to get an idea of..

1) How the more modern integrated graphics (i.e. from the current gen ryzen 7 and intel core i7 chips) perform in comparison to discreet gpu's as well.

2) Whether quadro's / firepro cards are worth paying extra for, or if better off with run of the mill radeon / geforce cards.

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Integrated GPU got better over time but are still much slower

and less capable than discrete GPUs.

It is not clear what Intel does with its XE (?) cards, if they are thought

for integrated or only Server and AI purposes, at least currently they are

far from current Nvidia or AMD discrete GPUs.

(Only Apple's "integrated" GPU cores on its ARM based SoCs are interesting

but that is a different architecture and not comparable with standard current

integrated GPUs on CPU dies)



Still, VW doesn't support or profit from Quadro or Pro GPU drivers.

They are worth if you use any of the typical supported Apps, most

coming from Mechanical and Autodesk side. You pay for that support.

Pro GPU's aren't faster than Gaming GPUs at all, but most times offer

more VRAM than Gaming cards.

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Thanks @zoomer that fits with what I've read elsewhere, I think we'll stick with radeon/ geforce then!


It would be great if Vectorworks could issue some official guidance on this, covering futureproofing as well (presumably there are things on the roadmap for Vectorworks that we don't know about which may affect hardware requirements going forwards..)

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Yes, that would be nice.

Also to keep the recommended Settings in AMD and Nvidia driver Software current,

which you can find sometimes in KB articles and such.


But I am pretty sure that VW won't get any Pro Card Driver Optimizations anytime soon.

VW recommends standard Gamer Cards. And as long as I don't have any Software

that makes use of or even needs Pro GPUs, I would not care.

But it is pretty likely that future VW Versions will make more and more use from GPU

acceleration wherever possible, like they did until today. Or that they may integrate a

real time render solution, which means more demanding GPU recommendations.

So GPU isn't the component where I would try to save most costs.

But also not overdo for VW only. 

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