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  1. Important to set Z height of polygon before making into site modifier or is it before sending to surface?
  2. creating solid and putting in "Site-DTM-Modifier" Class isn't recognized. Fastest way found so far: - create polygon and place on site model. put in "layer" plane, not "screen". (actually didn't try screen plane) - set Z height of polygon to bottom of desired cut. - do NOT need to put in "site-DTM-modifier" class - select the polygon and "Create Objects from Shapes...." which is on the "AEC" menu. - object type: “Site Modifier" - select “Pad with Retaining Edge” - (and “proposed” or “existing”) etc. - from menu: “AEC” - “Terrain” - “Send to Surface” - little window comes up. select “Fit the retaining edge” - “Update” site model - Done This cuts out the hole for a building without placing fill around the building on the site. The "Send to Surface" and “Fit the retaining edge” does the job. have to practice since so unintuitive.
  3. The site tools need a greatly simplified user interface. I should be able to use a solid object and place it on a site model and then subtract that solid object from the site model. With the custom house designs I do we usually have to truck away the cut. The amount of removed material is easily calculated.
  4. E FA, I'm using Pad with Retaining Edge with confusing crazy unpredictable and minimal controls. Is this because it's through VW Architect?
  5. Does this work with VW Architect site tools? I've never able to figure out how to place a house with basement on a site model removing only the material which was displaced by the house. All the material to be trucked away and not used as fill on the site model.
  6. The hard to make custom door panels for the door plugin has bothered me for years. I'm always doing a workaround rather than relearning the multistep method described in the VW video. I need this a few times a year.
  7. doberman, Totally didn't intend any vitriol. I never use the literal scale and my clients and general contractors see only using graphic bar scale as a revelation. But, VW should give choices, literal scale or graphic bar scale. I'm not suggesting to remove literal scale as an option. BTW, did you mean to say? "I have clients that REQUIRE the scale bar. So really not my choice." Many of my details are not BIM set up. I have a design layer for standard detail size I want to use. The details are drawn with title and graphic bar scale below the title and viewported to sheets in various locations. Full BIM for my custom residential work is not time efficient but I keep testing and adding in more to the CD set.
  8. I've only used scale bars (graphic scale) since starting my firm. Literal scale like 1/2" = 1'-0" on a detail makes no sense since so many printed or viewed images are shrunk or enlarged. Having a literal scale has caused untold estimating and design catastrophes over the years. With a scale bar, the scale is always correct no matter what size printed or viewed. The scale on a printed drawing is for takeoffs with a scale. Put your scale on the scale bar and know the correct scale in a second AND immediately see if it is some in-between scale because the print or image was enlarged or reduced. So, this should be the first choice for viewport scales with titles. Still could have old way for those ancients who just don't get it.
  9. re: model geometry not updating for rendtrworks. The problem I had occurred in a small file but I had 3 other VW files open at the same time, one being 600MB. After closing all files and restarting VW and only having one file open the problem went away. The problem could occur when multiple files are open or perhaps, with one large file? With just the one 600MB file open, renderworks was OK. Henry
  10. I'm having exactly this problem of geometry changes updating in open GL but not in renderworks. - Henry VW2018 SP6 (Build 465771) (64 bit) iMac (27" late 2013) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 24 GB ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB macOS Sierra V 10.12.6
  11. The custom cabinet tool is pretty useless for me. Very limited on what it can do. Very incomplete. Maybe, I'm missing something. How do you even define a stile and rail shaker door? Never mind that a shaker door often has a larger bottom rail. I have a large customized hybrid symbol library but it always takes much too much time to add the many custom cabinets I require for each project. I need to review InteriorCad again. A number of years ago it seemed like too much work to the level I need which is not for cabinet shop CDs.
  12. Your request makes sense to prevent this easily made mistake. Also, a much better description of exactly what the viewer does and doesn't do before I have clients download this very large program.
  13. I vote to pressure Nemetschek to contract with Jonathan Pickup to produce and maintain a Nemetechek owned users manual. And, if not with Jonathan, to have an in-house person in charge of this very important part of every software package for every Owner of the software.
  14. Nemetschek needs to correct the mistake of getting rid of a user manual. I've been a MiniCad / VW user since 1995. With each new version I depend on a manual to learn how to use new tools, commands and settings. I have been wasting too much time trying to get this information the last few years. The manual should give: - specific explanations of how to use each tool / command / setting - with all options listed and what they do. - examples of how to use the tools, commands and settings - examples of how to use the tools, commands, settings to do specific tasks like "make a dormer" or "make a site model" and what different options provide. A PDF of the above or web based manual would do the trick. Printed would be a waste since it's static. Does Nemetschek want a user manual password protected? Is that the problem? Having no manual hurts paying users.
  15. VW 2017 SP2 iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB service select Resource manager not allowing me to use textures. I've changed permissions for write access in application library. (Haven't checked other resources availability) -Henry
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