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  1. The hard to make custom door panels for the door plugin has bothered me for years. I'm always doing a workaround rather than relearning the multistep method described in the VW video. I need this a few times a year.
  2. doberman, Totally didn't intend any vitriol. I never use the literal scale and my clients and general contractors see only using graphic bar scale as a revelation. But, VW should give choices, literal scale or graphic bar scale. I'm not suggesting to remove literal scale as an option. BTW, did you mean to say? "I have clients that REQUIRE the scale bar. So really not my choice." Many of my details are not BIM set up. I have a design layer for standard detail size I want to use. The details are drawn with title and graphic bar scale below the title and viewported to sheets in various locations. Full BIM for my custom residential work is not time efficient but I keep testing and adding in more to the CD set.
  3. I've only used scale bars (graphic scale) since starting my firm. Literal scale like 1/2" = 1'-0" on a detail makes no sense since so many printed or viewed images are shrunk or enlarged. Having a literal scale has caused untold estimating and design catastrophes over the years. With a scale bar, the scale is always correct no matter what size printed or viewed. The scale on a printed drawing is for takeoffs with a scale. Put your scale on the scale bar and know the correct scale in a second AND immediately see if it is some in-between scale because the print or image was enlarged or reduced. So, this should be the first choice for viewport scales with titles. Still could have old way for those ancients who just don't get it.
  4. re: model geometry not updating for rendtrworks. The problem I had occurred in a small file but I had 3 other VW files open at the same time, one being 600MB. After closing all files and restarting VW and only having one file open the problem went away. The problem could occur when multiple files are open or perhaps, with one large file? With just the one 600MB file open, renderworks was OK. Henry
  5. I'm having exactly this problem of geometry changes updating in open GL but not in renderworks. - Henry VW2018 SP6 (Build 465771) (64 bit) iMac (27" late 2013) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 24 GB ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB macOS Sierra V 10.12.6
  6. The custom cabinet tool is pretty useless for me. Very limited on what it can do. Very incomplete. Maybe, I'm missing something. How do you even define a stile and rail shaker door? Never mind that a shaker door often has a larger bottom rail. I have a large customized hybrid symbol library but it always takes much too much time to add the many custom cabinets I require for each project. I need to review InteriorCad again. A number of years ago it seemed like too much work to the level I need which is not for cabinet shop CDs.
  7. Your request makes sense to prevent this easily made mistake. Also, a much better description of exactly what the viewer does and doesn't do before I have clients download this very large program.
  8. I vote to pressure Nemetschek to contract with Jonathan Pickup to produce and maintain a Nemetechek owned users manual. And, if not with Jonathan, to have an in-house person in charge of this very important part of every software package for every Owner of the software.
  9. Nemetschek needs to correct the mistake of getting rid of a user manual. I've been a MiniCad / VW user since 1995. With each new version I depend on a manual to learn how to use new tools, commands and settings. I have been wasting too much time trying to get this information the last few years. The manual should give: - specific explanations of how to use each tool / command / setting - with all options listed and what they do. - examples of how to use the tools, commands and settings - examples of how to use the tools, commands, settings to do specific tasks like "make a dormer" or "make a site model" and what different options provide. A PDF of the above or web based manual would do the trick. Printed would be a waste since it's static. Does Nemetschek want a user manual password protected? Is that the problem? Having no manual hurts paying users.
  10. VW 2017 SP2 iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB service select Resource manager not allowing me to use textures. I've changed permissions for write access in application library. (Haven't checked other resources availability) -Henry
  11. I must be missing something on the newer VW versions. I have autosave turned on for "every 15 minutes" autosave a backup copy to: A backup is put in the backup folder which is good. But, the original file is not saved with the work done! It has to be manually saved. The other option is "Overwrite original file". But, then the backup is not saved. Both can not be done. ??
  12. I have this same problem on my iMac. Publish rasterizes the PDF. Print to PDF works correctly. I'm switching to VW 2015 from VW 2013 and mac mini 2009 to iMac late 2013 henry
  13. Cameron, I've tried many ways of doing this and have settled on the following: I draw up existing conditions. Each story has a slab layer and a walls layer. Walls are in 3 classes: walls-existing-exterior walls-existing-interior walls-existing-foundation Layers have an EX appended to name This layer set I use for demolition drawings. Use a transparent demolition hatch. It's much clearer than trying to have demo on same plan as construction drawings. I do this even on small jobs. All my GCs comment that it makes understanding the project and pricing much easier. I make a duplicate layer set of the whole existing house with new layers having a CD appended to the name. The EX layers are all together and the CD layers are together. All new walls in the CD layer use these classes: walls-new-exterior walls-new-interior walls-new-foundation So, the new CD layers show both new walls and remaining old walls. I always design on trace paper. A concept is drawn rough in minutes, sometimes seconds. I then draw a design options in the CD building layer set. Each design option is from a copy of the first design option or from the existing (EX) layer. I keep all the design option layers labelled for example: 1st walls CD-1 1st walls CD-2 etc. To print out options use a sheet layer and just quickly change the appropriate design layer to make a PDF. I keep the extra design layers in the file in case a change back to old option occurs. This explanation is probably too shortened. (I present all the houses and additions in 3D as rendered models or sometimes as cleaned up hidden line drawings) Oh, always use saved sheets extensively. Setup standard project templates for all layers and classes. Anyway, good luck, Henry
  14. Any architects or interior designers using InteriorXS in US? I noticed there are no US distributors. Comments on its usefulness for design presentation would be appreciated. I design custom cabinetry for many of my projects. Henry VW2013
  15. VW2013 has been crashing with memory full every few days. I suspect it might be caused by opening my library file which has been been brought forward through a few older versions. There might be older incompatible code or commands or plugins. Perhaps, it gets worse with VW2014. Have those experiencing crashes tested not opening older files or using templates made in earlier VW versions?
  16. I'm about to upgrade before getting VW2014. The mac pro is sure nice looking with great specs. I've been using the mac mini late 2009 model which is the one mac mini which came with a separate graphics card. It's a bit slow with 3D rendering but does work fine with 2D and even open GL modeling if not too complex is OK. I'm not considering a mac mini now because of the clear directions from Nemetschek web site to not use Intel built-in graphics machines. I have lots of monitors 20". However, the iMac 27" with one 20" monitor next to it should be a big step up from two 20"s. Even though the video card is optimized for gaming Nemetschek seems to say that it works very well for all VW tasks. Here's my plan: 27" imac 3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2X4GB (I'll upgrade it to 24GB from DMS; datamemorysystems.com) 1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5 (adds $150) Apple USB SuperDrive (adds $79) AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac - Auto-enroll (adds $169) Everything I read says get extra RAM and lots of video memory with good card. I'm guessing it is not necessary to upgrade the processor to the i7 - comments? I know this is about the mac pro. I've been waiting for it but $3000++ and still to buy 27" monitor. And, it sounds like the iMac is what is most used / tested at VW-Nemetschek. The new mac pro with new graphics card could be problematic for first buyers using VW.
  17. Scale Bar tool is still faulty in many respects in VW2010. Does anyone know if it has been fixed on 2011? Maybe I'd use it if it worked even though it is easy enough just to draw one at each scale and keep them in with the library.
  18. Adjust flipped text works all the time in VW2010. I have the box unchecked in preferences. In a design layer, I have text rotated 270?. When made into a viewport it rotates it another 180?.
  19. Stair plugins do a lot more than before but seem very lacking for many applications. Of course, since I've only spent about 15 minutes looking at stair and custom stair plugins after upgrading from VW12.5, I'm probably missing something. For single family residential standard wood stairs (USA) there should be: - Newel posts, location options, size - Balusters, number per tread, size - Exterior stairs with top and bottom rails. The balusters do not usually go to the treads in exterior wood stairs. In the past I modeled stairs in 3D. Probably have to continue for these most common conditions.
  20. I do a lot of custom kitchen design for my residential projects. The kitchen cabinet plugins with VW are way too primitive. If I had time I would write my own plugin but.... In the past I made somewhat generic (but better than VW plugin) symbols for 2 types of cabinets. (Too cheap to buy the junkie cabinet addons I reviewed at the time.) - inset door cabinets with 3/4" sides so that when butted together there is a 1.5" stile. Side finish panels of 3/4" finish exposed sides and make 1.5" sides. Doors are stile & rail with heavier bottom rail. - flush overlay door cabinets which are much easily to draw and have simple details when used together. Doors as above or slab doors. Base cabinets are in a cabinet library of widths: 12" through about 42" in 3" increments with 0,1,2,3,4 drawers in different configurations. The base cabinets are drawn with no kick. I just extrude a kick for a whole bank of cabinets so it can be customized with the job. The counter is also separating extruded/customized. Doing the kick and counter is very simple and quick. Kick: draw shape in plan, extrude 4". Counter: draw shape, extrude 1.25", move 3D Z direction 34.75". Wall cabinets widths of 9" through about 42" in 3" increments and heights of 30" to 42" in 6" increments. Custom cabinet shape file under bases and wall units. For example 24" deep wall cabinets for over frigs, side panels for frigs, wall units, base units, oven cabinets, etc. Appliances from free sources and some I drew. I make more custom shapes with each job. This is all way too generic for custom cabinetry but is a start. I'm always making a new custom width or height which could take like 10 minutes/cabinet. I like to vary door stile and rail widths, have various cabinet parts recessed or protruding, use many custom depths, cabinet face frame stiles, bottom and/or top cabinet face frames, etc. Then comes the hard part, how to light the model. The ceiling is always too dark without spots shining up.The textures can so easily look like home depot. The best presentation seems to be hidden line drawings with a few minutes to clean up extra lines. OK, so say it, the newer kitchen $ plugins available do all this well without looking like the cheesy kitchen store cabinet CAD.
  21. The VW website could sure use improvement in a number of places. Info about the Viewer is one. A more obvious link to the viewer download page would be one. Even more important would be a better description of the limits and use of the viewer before downloading it. On the VW website I couldn't find any good description of using the viewer, computer requirements, . Can the viewer do open GL?, renderworks?, Can saved views be utilized? Can only sheet layers be viewed?
  22. I'd guess that certain cities have more or less VW than others. Greater Boston seems to have many VW users. The monthly user group meetings are often 15 or 20 people. I go just occasionally. VW seems to be the software of choice for sole practitioners in my city of Newton.
  23. When I need to do a cottage window I've made a PIO window with correct frame size and casings but no sash. I then make 3D sash inside it and make it all a symbol. Haven't done it recently. There might have been some issues of how it went in the wall. (Used 3D locus). If you want I could send an example. If you don't use 3D all the time it might be too slow. I can make objects like this fairly fast. Henry Finch, Architect Waban MA Mac 1.8GHz dual G5, MacOSX10.4.11, VWA12.51
  24. Sorry for being no help on a non-modified keystroke for Make Guide but I've been using for years. The forward slash is right above the right command key on macs. I think as important is the unlock command to go with it. A script for an unlocked Make Guides would make sense. I do use for Unlock and for Lock which are directly above the /.
  25. Ion, Thanks, that's it. Works great. That'll increase my memorized shortcut keys by another 50! - just made zoomline thickness toggle with shift-opt-command Z Now for: - line thicknesses - centerline - my style leaderline - solid fill - no fill Well, I'll think about this. Henry
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