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VW 2019 Display Bug when rotating 3D model



File was working fine, when I noticed something with a cased opening in a wall not displaying correctly. When I went to the 3d Model, the whole model disappeared.  As I rotated the model, it showed up, but as I continued to rotate it, it disappeared again.  The movie file attached shows this display issue.


Seems the file is corrupted somehow.  It happened on another file, a much simpler project, that we were able to copy all the objects into a new drawing file, and everything worked fine in the new file.


I have restarted the computer, and VW, and still the same problem.


Also have had several crashes involving the Object Info Palette when trying to add or subtract a number from an existing object's dimension (like a door height or width).  This is not good....

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I have similar behavior when I start using my 3DConnexion Enterprise Navigator

for the first time. Model jumps out of screen or is no more visible and it is

very hard to get it back with Zoom All/Content and switching between

Top Plan and 3D OpenGL a few times.

Once that is done it will work fine for the whole session.


But that started with VW 2018 for me.

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Ok, so I had a Marionette Object I had downloaded for NanaWall doors, with two instances in this model.  I deleted both instances, and purged the classes, but it still gave me the display issue.  I then took each layer and copied all objects into a fresh drawing file.  After significant time doing so, I managed to get the file working with all the displays working nicely, and can continue with billable work.


Not sure if the Marionette Object was to blame, as we had another file do the same thing the other day, and it did not have the object in the file.  Since it was a simpler project (1 bedroom house for Habitat), the process was much faster.


I will let everyone know if this occurs again in a different file.  Hopefully Chih-Pin and the others can get this figured out and offer us a Service Pack to fix this problem.

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@bpsabatier Those Marionette doors are definitely the problem.

It is located further than our observable universe (1070 times further!!). 

We are trying to see how and why these Marionette objects are generated and corrupted. 


So for now, I would avoid using NanaWall doors. 


Also, one trick you can do to delete these doors is to select everything you want in the view and do an inverse selection.

You will see it selects the doors located further away. Then you can execute "edit>clear" with those doors selected. Then you should be able to get the correct fly over back again.

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Thanks!  I was excited to see the NanaWall doors as the door tool is limited without creating custom door symbols.  But I will avoid them for sure.  I was able to delete and purge those doors, but it still didn't help that file, so I transferred what was left into a blank drawing and everything has been working since.

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