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  1. You can see more multi-core usages almost anywhere, including those listed above, especially transiting from one view to another, entering/exiting editing modes, turning on hidden layers, changing view render mode, turning on multi-view, and now switching between sheet layers.
  2. Chih-Pin

    Virtual Reality (VR) & (VRaugmented reality)

    I haven't done the experiments on this by myself. But this is another way to reduce motion sickness -- https://www.wired.com/2015/04/reduce-vr-sickness-just-add-virtual-nose/ But no matter what, I believe that motion sickness will still be there unless the headset has some optical magic implemented, something like this -- https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/20/16800474/magic-leap-one-creator-edition-augmented-reality-goggles-announce
  3. Chih-Pin

    Multi View Panes Default to Split Vertically?

    @Pat Stanfordis correct. The ViewPane and splitter data are saved with the document. So you are able to save your templates with your preferred view pane configurations. But if you do not load from the template when creating a new file, it will create the default pane and splitter configurations. Chih-Pin
  4. Just for the record before we can provide the fix. If anyone runs into the similar issue in MultiView, please try turning on Unified View. This may solve some navigation issues (e.g. zooming) in perspective view with Unified View off.
  5. Hello line-weight, If possible, could you send the file to me so that I can take a look? Thank you so much!! Chih-Pin
  6. Chih-Pin

    PIL (Python Image Library) for VW 2018

    Have you tried python -m pip install pillow? If successfully installed, you can see what version of pillow it tried to install.
  7. Chih-Pin

    Hidden Line Rendering 20 min vs 3 Seconds

    Suggestion heard, I will raise discussions with my colleagues and bosses.
  8. Chih-Pin

    Hidden Line Rendering 20 min vs 3 Seconds

    For instance, this is a fast HL mode on a cylinder - This is a standard HL rendering -- As you can see, the edges on both ends of the cylinder are missing in the fast HL rendering. There are also other similar cases to this. In my opinion, we need to at least make fast HL look the same (or at least similar) in these cases before we can make it as one of the render modes.
  9. Chih-Pin

    Hidden Line Rendering 20 min vs 3 Seconds

    Sorry to disappoint you on this. But based on what I, as a software engineer, suffered when adding new features and fixing bugs in this complex system, I believe it's not possible to be that fast.
  10. Chih-Pin

    Hidden Line Rendering 20 min vs 3 Seconds

    This is basically correct, except you will also see similar trick when you are flying over the views in design layer HL render mode. Without this trick, it can't achieve real-time interactive HL rendering. But after you finish flying over, it will try to calculate the full and standard HL render mode. I personally agree with these two suggestions. In many cases, the fast HL rendering is good enough, and it's much faster. However, I also see some improvements needed for fast HL rendering. I also suffered the unnecessarily long time HL rendering in my own personal projects. I will create a VE(s) and raise the discussions internally. Hopefully, we can have these features in VW.
  11. Chih-Pin

    Hidden Line Rendering 20 min vs 3 Seconds

    There are two kinds of "hidden line" renderings in VW, "normal" hidden line and "fast" hidden line. If you hit "hidden line" rendering, it will give you "normal" hidden line, which goes through calculations line by line, face by face, test the distance between the camera and the actual lines. This produce "real line segments" that will give us many benefits, e.g. sketch rendering, highlight the lines behind objects in different representations, decide whether it needs to show highlight lines or not, and ready to export vector-based drawings. For the "fast" hidden line, you can find them in "Section/Elevation in-Place" editing mode. We are basically using an OpenGL trick to create similar effects. You will find some differences in between these two hidden line modes. This is fast, interactive, and real-time rendering almost without any wait. I guess OnShape uses this technique to render hidden line using WebGL in your browser instead of getting the actual "lines" from the server. You can read some more discussions in this thread - In my opinion, there are rooms for performance improvements in the "normal" hidden line mode in VW. For instance, we can show the "fast" hidden line first, and gradually pull the results from the normal hidden line to the view. I'm not sure how soon this can be done, but I'm sure there are some re-engineering tasks to do prior to it
  12. We do improve the stabilities of Best Performance overtime, even through service packs. This is one of our first priorities in terms of performance improvements.
  13. Hello Dubman, I tried to edit a standard symbol in a floating pane without crashing. So there might be something else that causes the problem. Would it be possible if you are able to attach the file or send it to me with steps to reproduce the problem if you prefer? Thank you so much!! Chih-Pin
  14. Chih-Pin

    Cannot manipulate multiple view pane

    Hello RJDG, Could you send me the file if possible so that I can inspect the multiview data? You can choose to send it through the messaging system here on the forum. Thanks!! Chih-Pin
  15. Chih-Pin

    2018 bug Rotated Plan View - No OpenGL

    Thank you!! This issue is addressed in the internal build and should be able to make it to the public later. Chih-Pin
  16. Chih-Pin

    2018 bug Rotated Plan View - No OpenGL

    Hello lgoodkind, If it's not under NDA, could you attach the file or send the file to me? Thank you so much!! Chih-Pin
  17. Chih-Pin

    2018 bug Rotated Plan View - No OpenGL

    Hello lgoodkind, I just tested it with SP1 from a blank file with two panes, one is top/plan with rotated plan and the other is perspective view. I'm able to turn that perspective view into OpenGL rendering. Could you describe more about the problem you are seeing? Thanks!! Chih-Pin
  18. Hello line-weight: Could you also post this on the wishlist board so that other users can discuss the wish in the same thread? I am also collecting the multiview feedback on the wishlist board. Thanks!! Chih-Pin
  19. Chih-Pin

    Multiple View Pane Problems

    Hello Dubman, If you are talking about changing the visibility settings using the dropdown in the Navigation Palette, we are currently addressing the issue. Here are some previous discussions - Also, if the "Use Same Visibilities in All Panes" is checked, the changes to the active design layers will apply to all the panes with design layers. Hope my explanation helps, and let me know if you have further questions. Best, Chih-Pin
  20. Hello Tom, I'm sorry that this issue causes some inconvenience to you. There is a problem with the visibility drop-down menu in the layer/class palette when the floating pane is active. We are addressing this issue now and hopefully, the fix can be push to the public sooner or later. Before that, you may need to click on the empty area on the palette to notify the palette to be activated before clicking on the drop down. The floating pane will still be active unless you click on other panes in the main window. And the visibility modifications will still be applied to the floating pane. Chih-Pin
  21. Chih-Pin

    Mutli-View Bugs

    Hello@Jeremiah Russell, Thanks for reporting the issue you are seeing. If you don't mind, could you attach the file here or send it to any place where you think safe and I can reach. I will take a look and see if there is anything we can do here. Thanks!! Chih-Pin
  22. Thanks line-weight for your input!! Currently, the interaction logic is as follows: If the user uses purely mouse interactions, e.g. left, middle, right mouse clicks and mouse wheel, the system will activate the pane under the mouse cursor. Otherwise, the system will apply the current interactions to the currently active pane (pane with blue border). The main reason is that VW is not sure whether the user's attention is in the pane under the cursor or not. Let's think about the following scenarios: When the user clicks on OIP and tries to modify some parameters on the selected objects with the mouse cursor on a pane, we don't want that pane to be activated because there might be other selection sets in those panes. In a scenario of using 3D mouse, the 2D mouse cursor may also be moved away from the pane where the user's attention is, e.g. on other panes or in tool palettes. The best way, for now, is to apply the navigation to the active pane (blue border). While I understand that sometimes the user would like to automatically activate the pane under the mouse cursor, there are also side effects here and we need to make the tradeoff. I've submitted this as a bug. So hopeuflly we will be able to push the fix to the public sooner or later.
  23. Chih-Pin

    Site Model and Multi Pane Crashing

    Just for the record.. I attached a video that demonstrates the "drag an edge to move window" behavior. There are also some discussions here that may help: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/71112/how-do-i-move-a-window-whose-title-bar-is-off-screen DragWindow.mov
  24. Chih-Pin

    Site Model and Multi Pane Crashing

    Which version of MAC do you have? If you are able to grab any edges, you should be able to move the pane by dragging the edge without resizing it. For instance, if you grab a vertical edge, you should be able to drag it horizontally to move the pane, and vice versa. This OS level trick should work for all the applications windows on Mac, at least Sierra and high Sierra. But I don't remember whether it supports older versions of Mac OS X. Let me know if it's still not working for you. :-)
  25. Chih-Pin

    Site Model and Multi Pane Crashing

    I'm sorry the crash caused a mess for you. There are some OS level limitations that we need to work around for the floating pane being too large problem in your case. In this case, if you are on windows, you can use the OS level hot key -- Windows + left/right/up/down, to move the pane. If you are on mac, you should be able to grab the edge of the floating pane to move the pane and resize it. In addition, I think there is no "Close Floating View Pane" command, but there is a "Create Floating View Pane" command. It basically will duplicate the current active pane, including a floating pane, to another floating pane.