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  1. Just for the record.. I attached a video that demonstrates the "drag an edge to move window" behavior. There are also some discussions here that may help:
  2. Which version of MAC do you have? If you are able to grab any edges, you should be able to move the pane by dragging the edge without resizing it. For instance, if you grab a vertical edge, you should be able to drag it horizontally to move the pane, and vice versa. This OS level trick should work for all the applications windows on Mac, at least Sierra and high Sierra. But I don't remember whether it supports older versions of Mac OS X. Let me know if it's still not working for you. :-)
  3. I'm sorry the crash caused a mess for you. There are some OS level limitations that we need to work around for the floating pane being too large problem in your case. In this case, if you are on windows, you can use the OS level hot key -- Windows + left/right/up/down, to move the pane. If you are on mac, you should be able to grab the edge of the floating pane to move the pane and resize it. In addition, I think there is no "Close Floating View Pane" command, but there is a "Create Floating View Pane" command. It basically will duplicate the current active pane, including a floating pane, to another floating pane.
  4. Interesting. If I create a simple hybrid symbol with 3D cubes and 2D rectangle in it, I'm still able to highlight automatic working plane without entering the symbol in VW 2018. There might be some additional settings in the file or the symbol?
  5. Thank you so much for the information, When you move the objects in a 2D Top/Plan pane, it will not be showing the real-time feedback in other 3D panes. There are some more discussions here:
  6. Hello Nikihoops, Could you elaborate more on the issue you see? Do you mean it's not showing the real-time feedback in other 3D panes? Or after you finish moving, it's not showing updated location in other panes? Thanks!!
  7. Yes, you are able to open the file with the same pane configurations when you save it. In addition, you can also choose to save as a template so that you will have the same pane configurations when you create a new file with the template.
  8. So palm/arm rejection doesn't work or isn't good enough for you? Yes, this is a good point!!
  9. I agree that Mouse+Keyboard (+3D Mouse) is still the best way to interact modern CAD tools, including Vectorworks. However, I did research on the stylus interaction before, and also agree the fun and creativity it provides. btw - does your tablet support multi-touch?
  10. This is a really good and interesting way to describe motion sickness. There is an active research area in Human Computer Interactions called "Embodied Interactions" in which the researchers study how does human coordinate their sensory inputs with the motion outputs continuously. Different people have various reactions to the same interaction settings. Researchers are still trying to find the common ground in this area. One of the interesting research came to my mind -- To be honest, I spent some time to connect my haptic feedback from the 3D Mouse to what I see on the screen and get used to it (probably couple years on and off using it). However, once I connect them together, I can navigate to the right orientation much faster than a traditional mouse and keyboard settings. BTW, I'm pretty easy to get motion sickness as well.
  11. Hello Gadzooks, Thank you so much for your feedback. I personally love to browse the forum because of you guys' supports and reports. Every time when I'm seeing the problems from the users that are related to what I'm doing, I feel the need of making some efforts. However, as you may know, the system is extremely complex and we have to take every step very carefully before putting it out to the public. There are also many issues reported internally that may or may not affect the end users. Regardless whether we already knew or had fixes of the issues, the problems reported here will help us push the fixes to the process of making it to the public. Also glad to hear you like MultiView. There are many folks here making a lot of efforts days and nights to make it happen. Chih-Pin
  12. Hello Kevin, Thanks for reporting!! This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future SP. Chih-Pin
  13. Zoomer, I just tested on my mac machine and it also works as expected. As you suspected, there might be some thing in the file or workspace. This doesn't count within one tool. Technically, you are using Rectangle tool in one pane and then PushPull tool in another. You can imagine MultiView as a system quickly switching different views for different panes. If you are able to do it when manually switching the view projections, you should also be able to do it in MultiView in theory. We are aware of a bug that's similar to what you describe. If you are able to record any screen shot videos or reproducing steps before this behavior occurs, we will be easier to understand the problem and fix it. Sure, go ahead and send it to me or put it somewhere I can reach and you feel safe. Best
  14. Yes, you are able to cross over between different panes even in the middle of drawing, e.g. drawing polylines or rectangles. But there are limitations. Basically, the following cross over interactions are not allowed: Between Top/Plan panes and 3D panes. Between the panes with different active layers For instance, you can start drawing a rectangle by clicking the first point in a Top/Plan pane in "Design Layer 1", and clicking the second point in another Top/Plan pane in "Design Layer 1". But you can't do it by clicking the second point in an orthogonal pane. I was testing on Windows earlier today. I will test it on mac again tomorrow when I enter the office.
  15. Yes, though there are always rooms for improvements, these workflows should work out naturally. If there is anything you feel unintuitive, feel free to post anything for discussions. Sorry, remind me again what 3D mouse model you are using? I'm using my SpaceMouse Enterprise and not observing the problem you described. Thanks!!