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dual monitor irritation



Two monitors, vectorworks always opens on the home monitor, then have to move it to second monitor across a shared desktop every time it opens. Desktop has to be set this way otherwise pallettes reset to monitor vecotorworks is open on. open or close the application, and vectorworks defaults to home monitor. Highly irritating.


Two monitors, any Adobe product. open, close, turn off computer, turn back on, Adobe product opens exactly where you left it.



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Its a mac OS to Vectorworks issue. Jim Wilson is aware of it. Posting here to get it on the list. Palette postion is internal to the software and only affects stuff within the application, not the position of the application window on the OS desktop unfortuately.  As noted, my Adobe products don't do this. They remember where they are supposed to be.

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I can't get VW to work with a 4k + 1900x1200 setup. Palettes go wherever they want and don't work on the 2nd screen at all, the jump back. All positions are lost on re-open. Removing the 4k from the equation and replacing it with an ordinary screen solves the problems. A Windows 10 machine. As with Jnr, other software behaves just fine.

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Unless I missed something, why has this not been addressed? Another year of dragging the vectorworks window across my desktop to my second monitor every morning? In light of the mulitiple view pane capability and now a graphics engine that works like it supposed to, why is this not a priority? Every workstation in architecture firms I visit (using Autosuc products) is dual monitor. 


Competing software is capable. Adobe products work no problem. 


Can I get a rebate for the accumulated time I lose throughout the year for the loss in productivity?


This is incredibly frustrating. I would hope I'm wrong but not seeing it.



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Odd.  I don't have this problem you're describing.  Whichever monitor I use the Dock on is where the main drawing window opens (and I can use the Dock from either monitor, of course.) .   As long as I open from the same monitor, my palettes don't wander.  Switching monitors means manual rearrangement, of course.


I wonder if something is interfering, like using Spaces, Mac OS restore windows functionality, or something like that.

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Is it just me, or has the dual monitor situation actually gotten worse with VW 2020?  Now every time I wake my computer from sleep I have to shuffle all the palettes back to my Cintiq.  It's just absurd that such a basic function has remained broken for so long.

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