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  1. Cris with no H

    Symbols and insertion points thought

    I think he means rotation in 3D space, Kevin. I agree this could be a bit more user-friendly, Echo, but you can rotate 3D symbols. The only catch is that they can't be hybrid symbols (with the rare exception of Lighting Instruments in Spotlight, which have special controls for that). If you go into an orthagonal view - front, top, side, back, whatever - you should be able to use the simple Rotate commands and tools right out of the 2D workspace. Make sense? What you mention with hinges is what I did with a model of the new Jeep Truck, about six months ago. The hinges are all identical, but sit at varying orientations. Cris Dopher
  2. Cris with no H

    3D Wheelchair

    Wish I'd seen this topic in January. I have a whole library of wheelchair and ADA clearance symbols, including 3D wheelchair, w. or w/o occupant. I look foward to poking through the new library Justin.
  3. Scott, that is exactly what I've done at GPJ. And we count a lot of truss! Of course, I added other useful bits to my record. Things like truss color, purpose (set, lights, mothergrid, etc), position name (whatever that chunk of truss is going to be referred to, not necessarily a Lighting position), and booleans for pre-hung and sleeves/shrouds.
  4. I created empty symbol folders in a file I use to pull classes from. I can just import the folders I need, or all of them. Since they're empty, I don't pull in unwanted resources. Cris
  5. NM. Found a good solution.
  6. I just need the folder structure, not the content. How can I easily import that?
  7. Cris with no H

    Is there a way to round off dimensions in a worksheet?

    I'm attaching a file showing my problem. Schedule of softgoods. It's the Length I need to round off. I'd like them to round up, but I'll settle for no fractions, at this point. DIMENSION ROUNDING TEST.vwx
  8. Cris with no H

    Is there a way to round off dimensions in a worksheet?

    Still being frustrated by this. It might work in regular worksheet cells, but doesn't seem to work for database cells.
  9. Cris with no H

    Display Grid in 3D

    DC, wouldn't the Section Line tool give you the A-------------------------A you're talking about?
  10. Cris with no H

    Path of Travel Tool

    Looks a lot like the Spotlight cable tool.
  11. Cris with no H

    dual monitor irritation

    Odd. I don't have this problem you're describing. Whichever monitor I use the Dock on is where the main drawing window opens (and I can use the Dock from either monitor, of course.) . As long as I open from the same monitor, my palettes don't wander. Switching monitors means manual rearrangement, of course. I wonder if something is interfering, like using Spaces, Mac OS restore windows functionality, or something like that.
  12. Cris with no H

    List All Classes in file

    Great script! Thank you!
  13. So it seems it really was as simple as specifying both layers in the criteria. For some reason, I always thought the criteria was exclusively an AND operation and that specifying two layers would result in nothing. My criteria line looks like this: =DATABASE((((L='HOUSE') | (L='FOH')) & ((R IN ['Seating Section']) | (R IN ['Event Planning Record'])))) So I guess the | symbol works as an OR function.
  14. Cris with no H

    vwxp vs vwx file sizes

    Does anybody know why Project Files are so much smaller than .vwxw or .vwx files? The moment I do a "save as..." vwx, the file size doubles, sometimes more. Even backups are bigger than the project file, and I'm used to those being stripped of their 3D geometry to save file size. Cris Dopher
  15. TKA, that's not quite it. That looks like it's using =L in the database header of column K. I need to specify the Criteria for the database row as something like "look only on layers 5 and 7 for all objects with Platform &/or Deck records". the records part I have figured out. But the way of specifying a list of records doesn't work to specific a list of layers, too.


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