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Classes listed/manipulated via Worksheets

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Hi there,


I have been around with VW for a few years, but am stuck with this one.

I am trying to create a worksheet that lists all classes, used or unused, with its description and ideally other attributes (fill, line style...).

I saw a few posts on this, but none seem to give me exactly what I am after. I am not trying to create classes, I have these already in my file, I just want to be able to manipulate more easily.

I have attached a screenshot of a similar worksheet created to easily manipulate VAA Tile Blocks. 


Maybe I am after something that is not possible?

Or there needs to be a work around, i.e. placing a locus on every class (script for this?) then creating a database to list classes, description...?


Any help is greatly appreciated




VAA Title Block Speed Sheet.jpeg

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It would have to be scripted.


As far as I know there is no record format attached to classes so there is no way to create a report, like you're doing with title blocks.


Pat has already created a script that can read all the classes in a drawing.  I should know better than to say this, but:  It shouldn't be that difficult to write all the attributes of all the classs to a worksheet.


Once that is done it's not impossible to go the other way.  


But I'm not sure it would be useful.  The raw numbers describing the drop shadow settings of a class (I think there are 8 numbers.  Some are real numbers, some may be integers.) would not really be human readable.


Pat made a great script for me once that creates a class with the attributes of a selected object.  Something like that could probably be made to also change the attributes of existing classes in a way that is human readable.

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Take a look at the following thread. It contains a worksheet script that will get the Class Description. That might get you closer to what you are trying to do. Combined with the other script that creates a worksheet of classes, you should be relatively close.


I agree with Michael, using a worksheet to edit classes is probably not going to be very effective.




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Thanks Pat and Michael,


I came across both threads, but wasn't quiet sure how to combine these, however your comments are much appreciated. I was hoping that VW developed over time to get done what I am after, but as you both note, it may not be the right way to get things done anyway.


Many thanks,


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It's an interesting feature request.


In the Class Organization dialog box there is a matrix that shows the fill, pen, marker, opacity, text style, etc.  The request would be to add drop shadow, description and textures to the matrix and make them directly editable from the matrix - without having to go to another modal setting dialog box.?


I'm always in favor of fewer clicks. 

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I've looked through this thread and others linked to it and am a bit confused...

I have a similar need to @Patrik Braun in that I want a worksheet that will list all the used/unused classes in a file along with their class descriptions. Such a schedule would be useful for cad management, standardising classes and a reference for people using a template files so they can review what classes are intending for.


The threads indicate that this is possible though I can't yet figure it out. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to edit vectorscript myself but there is a cool script by@Pat Stanfordthat creates a worksheet that lists all the classes - but not the class descriptions. I  can add an additional column to that worksheet with ="GetDescriptionText" in the database header row and this works however if additional classes are added or some deleted from the file then the worksheet doesn't update as it appears to me to be a list of classes at the time the worksheet was created. I can run Pat's script again to create another worksheet but I'd then need to re-edit it with additional columns to get the class descriptions etc.


Is it possible to have a worksheet that creates an update-able list of classes and descriptions? Is it a simple script that someone out there wants to take up as a challenge? :-)



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Further to the above post I can't figure out how to add the ="GetDescriptionText"  field to this otherwise awesome script below so that it produces an updateable worksheet listing used & unused classes in a file along with their class descriptions. I'm not sure it is even possible. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks



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Take a look at the below thread for a "worksheet script" that will return the Class Description.  


Since there is no way to get the classes into a Database (the other scripts above just use a script to read and store the data from the classes in the worksheet), it will not be a 2-way thing to make changes to the classes.  If you want to be able to make changes, I would recommend leaving a blank cell next to the read-out data, make your change there and then write and run a second script that will store the data from the worksheet back to the class



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On 1/21/2018 at 4:55 PM, Boh said:

Such a schedule would be useful for cad management, standardising classes and a reference for people using a template files so they can review what classes are intending for


I agree, this would be tremendously useful in checking and managing files for correct classing.  Incorrect classing by designers seems to be a major cause of visibility problems and confusion.  I could even imagine some self-checking fields that could throw flags ('if this object is a stair, why is it classed as a wall to be demolished') for example, that would help find problems.

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I have another little issue with class/design layer/sheet layer description...


I really like how the class/design layer/sheet layer description pops up when you hover over an item in the navigation palette. You can see quickly what a class or layer is intended to be used for. A great feature I thought so I diligently started adding descriptions to the classes in my template file.


However I've just discovered that this description does not pop up in the OIP class or layer drop downs when you are looking to change the class or layer of a selected object. I.e. you have selected an object and are scrolling through the "class" or "layer" drop down in the OIP looking for the class or layer to allocate to it - no pop description is available.


This is precisely the time when the class or layer description is most needed, especially for someone such as a new user working on someone else's file. To have a little prompt available in the OIP would definitely help objects be classed correctly. Incorrect classing of objects is one of those things that can really make file structure breakdown.


Do others agree?  Can we please include this little feature in a future release?


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