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Stage line CADs


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hey I was wondering if anyone had any input on files that are done of stage lines... I need to put up a mobile stage and just did not feel like building it from scratch.  I have already submitted requests to stage line, and I guess I dont speak enough french.

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I took a shot at using the SL100 symbol the other day as I had not drawn one previously. I eventually gave up on all of the detail in the 3D model and replaced with simple geometry that made the difference between waiting for 10 secs or so on an OpenGL render to instantaneous. I certainly appreciate the detail but it is a lot and would take a very, very long time to render with a lot of other geometry. I am assuming those are the manufacturer’s files. 

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1 hour ago, Rob Books said:

we did clean up the many nuts and bolts, and other extraneous things in the drawings that were sent to us and cleaned it up as best we could.  but yes, much of it is the same DWG file you could download from the company website.  and the SL100 for some reason is the heaviest of all the SL symbols.


I felt like I could probably manufacture one from that symbol!  


It often gets overlooked, but than you to you and your team for all the hard work you’ve poured into this software. It is much appreciated. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The big thing with the Stageline stages is that they wanted to do a review of the symbols before we released to the users and as a result the detail levels had to be as high as they are.  Even on the SAM750 which is the biggest symbol they wanted us to keep all of the ceiling bracing in the model even if it was not viable for rigging purposes.

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