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  1. Your 3D input of your z rotation now affects the rotation of the fixture on the top plan view and vice versa. If I try to do (0,180,0), VW will change that to (180,0,180) or if I try (0,180,180), VW will change that to (180,0,0). You should always flip floor fixtures using either (0,180,0) or (180,0,180) and not (180,0,0). This maintains proper orientation for pre viz. While both these coordinates result in the same 3D information, they do not result in the same 2D information. This is because the 2D view only reacts to changes to the Z axis. I understand there is a new option for custom plan rotation, but I should not have to update that for every one of my floor fixtures because VW wont let me just use (0,180,0). Is there setting where I can turn off this auto coordinate changing or some other permanent solution that isn't a workaround? Hanging (0,0,180) Floor (180,0,180) Floor (180,0,0)
  2. I've had this issue sometimes when scaling objects in sheet layers where the selection box will not resize with the scaled object. This particularly becomes an issue when inserting a scaled object on a title block as it will mess up the snap to location function of the title block layout. I've compared this symbol to other symbols that don't have the issue and they appear to have the exact same properties.
  3. Just wanted to weigh in here also. I’ve been having this issue since I first moved from 2018 in January 2019. We really should have a fix by now and the fact that we’ve become used to this issue is unacceptable for professional grade software that commands professional grade pricing.
  4. I recently purchased Vision and I would like to increase the performance as I've been losing a significant amount of time to rendering out videos. The bugs related to rendering videos (fixtures disappearing, vision crashing when performing renders >1min, volumetrics scattering across objects, etc). It's taken up to an hour or two to render out a 1 minute clip on medium settings at 1080p, and then often those renderings are broken or they hang in the middle and I've got to force close (don't really understand why 4k is the default render resolution considering this). I've wasted almost my entire day trying to get this one 3.5 minute video rendered of a medium sized stage, when really I should be able to click render and walk away till its done. The software just feels broken, but it's also the only practical previs option for me (thats not MA3D). My pc build is: CPU: 8700k GPU: 1080ti RAM: 32GB 3200MHz SSD scratch drive The 1080ti is OC'd and its completely tapped out. How much better would the 2080ti do? Has anyone had any real world comparison?
  5. Anybody else having issues with this? I'm also getting regular crashes with super simple tasks such as drawing a rectangle. At this point I've resorted to just using 2018.
  6. My system: CPU: i7-8700k (oc to 4.8ghz) GPU: 1080ti RAM: 32GB 3200MHz OS Drive: PCIe NVME SSD Scratch Drive: SataIII SSD This rig should run VW very well. It may not be a threadripper or X series build with a crazy core count and 64gb+ of memory, but it's respectable. Overall, 2018 ran just fine, there were some renderings that took some time, but they got done. Most renders (and always anything that's "final shaded polygon") I try to complete with 2019 will ramp up CPU usage to 100% then about halfway through will drop to 15-20%. Then, memory usage will start to ramp up, eventually capping out at 100%. Not long after, VW will go unresponsive and grey out until I click anywhere in the software which will then prompt it to crash. This happens even with simpler rigs (ie >50 fixtures, >50 sticks of truss & no venue or set modeling).
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