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  1. Thanks!! ill figure it out!
  2. I am also having an issue. I installed the demo version, and I dont have any of the "Vision" menus in VWX, so basically I cannot figure out how to export the vision files... I know how to edit the data, but cannot export the file.
  3. Thank you for your help, however without the vision menu how can you export the vision file?
  4. Hey, I am running VWX 2017 designer and have just installed vision 2017 demo. I cannot get the "Vision" menu to show up in VWX at all in order to compile my vision file. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong? Thanks in advance. B
  5. Well, honestly I do not know what happened whatsoever... I just got a new system, so when I reinstalled I forgot to up my undo amount, so I could not undo back past it... However, all was not lost, the wall shape was still very much in tact, and it was obviously the outer walls of the structure, so all I had to do was simply redraw a new wall around the perimeter and done, but it was just such a strange occurrence. The actual roof segment you are correct is not a roof symbol, but an extrude which in my case works for me since I simply need flat with steel beams. I still cannot figure out how the round wall had mirror properties however, the problem literally fixed itself and I have not been able to re create it since. Thanks all!
  6. This Problem has basically fixed itself... so I am thinking it was a software Quirk.... HOWEVER, I have a new problem with this.... I drew an extruded polygon over the exterior walls, and went to create a roof, but noticed that I didnt have a flat roof option, so I was just going to go with an extruded polygon simply with black paint. However somehow all the outer walls became a roof, and the walls all dissappeared... any ideas how to get that back?
  7. yessir.... like I said, textures and visibility for the object seem right to me... but I am obviously doing something stupid wrong..
  8. Good day, Thanks for checking into it. All the textures are in place, and the mirror effect changes based on the applied texture (i.e. I applied a gold brushed mesh texture and the mirror took on a slightly greenish yellowish tint) I tried class textures, and direct textures, as well as none... The hard part is the bricks and wooden panels are .01" extrusions to I can get my details in there in different classes.. Also I have deleted the wall, re rendered, and the mirror is still in place... im even more confused now... that wall was a pain to create in the first place because of the very long, shallow curvature of it. Here is a SS of the deleted wall.
  9. Hey Hey... I have what may be a simple question.. I have a round wall that looks very good in GL and all artistic renders, however when I give it a fast or final quality RW it comes up as straight, and reflects like a mirror.... Here is some SS...