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  1. Well, its hard to say. I design for different manufacturers all the time depending on who the house rents from. One of the most common ones I have seen lately is XSF. Its just sort of a bummer that braceworks is essentially useless with its math unless you get very specific data. I am also curious about the chain cross sections in the hoists. rigid seems like itll work just fine, however not all chain has the same details. but i mean if a chain fails before other components, you failed math in first grade. I am indeed a SS guy, so I will keep a lookout.
  2. Has there been any updates on this? I am still searching for accurate cross section info. on a multitude of manufacturers.
  3. I have to say, SP2 really helped a lot of the bugs out. However I am curious about the hoist chain cross section only having a fibercore option set available and not typical chain used with hoists? My rigging numbers were off significantly because most of the truss symbols do not have cross sections added to them as of yet, and by default are Rigid, (which can really mess you up if you dont pay attention) Does a Rigid chain cross section do the same?
  4. Fantastic response to this question, thank you all!
  5. Oh thanks! Much appreciated!
  6. Hey thanks for responding. I do know about the border tools. Thats what I do now, but I was hoping to see a top finish style that is more of a bunting style that has a sewn in tie back. Its not that its a huge thing, I was just wondering if anyone had a better method. More or less just me being lazy and wanting a "skirt the stage button" :-)
  7. Anyone have a good workflow for easy stage skirting? I would think that perhaps they would have just a "skirt stage" button on the creation tool. I just get annoyed with having to alter the heights, set the top finishes, and mess with all the pleat settings for a lot of custom stages. If its a square its easy enough, but its still sort of a pain. Anyone have any good tips?
  8. Fantastic! Good to hear. Thanks for the update!
  9. Does anyone know if its possible to say drop a 6 way corner block into an already existing run of truss without breaking connections?
  10. Good day, I played around with this for a while and didnt see how to do it. When using the insert truss tool in braceworks, is there a quick way to scroll through different truss types and keep the command active to connect a new piece? I keep finding myself having to go to the truss symbol menu at the top of the window, and manually selecting a new truss piece from the library. I seem to remember seeing this shortcut in the video that introduced it, but I cannot find it. Thanks all!
  11. VW 2018 Designer W/ VSS and one year of Braceworks. Offers?
  12. hey I was wondering if anyone had any input on files that are done of stage lines... I need to put up a mobile stage and just did not feel like building it from scratch. I have already submitted requests to stage line, and I guess I dont speak enough french.
  13. Thanks!! ill figure it out!
  14. I am also having an issue. I installed the demo version, and I dont have any of the "Vision" menus in VWX, so basically I cannot figure out how to export the vision files... I know how to edit the data, but cannot export the file.
  15. Thank you for your help, however without the vision menu how can you export the vision file?