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  1. Thank you very much. This is what I figured. I cant help but feel that BW was a bit ambitious of a product to be released before so many features that we knew were wanted have been able to be implemented. This is the same with the curved LED wall tool, etc. I suppose it is hard to keep up with technology changes. I appreciate all the efforts. Mid span connections are so much more common now than ever in corporate.
  2. Does anyone know if Mid span connections have been implemented or are on the horizon?
  3. haha, no big deal, but do you have any insight on my second question?
  4. Thanks! Not really sure I know what a smiley face drive is... So far this has worked. and prevented the crash. However is there a way to verify that I am installing the package manager resources into the F drive along with the install? it seems to continue to download it to the C drive where I do not want it.
  5. Anyone else run into after attempting to change the user folder from the default location on the C drive to a different drive (that I actually installed the application on) that a warning that says vectorworks cannot locate the factory preferences and to reinstall? I have never had this happen. Fresh install of 23, both WITH user migration, and without user migration. Both results are the same.
  6. Are we still going yet another version without a curved LED tool? If I missed it please someone point me in the right direction.
  7. Hey, Update on this.. several trials of anything I could think of were unsuccessful. I had to re install and then it seemed to work.
  8. Good day all, I have two specific files that make my renderworks license disappear when I load them. It then remains gone for all files that previously are good until I restart the program. is this a known bug or should I just reinastall? Win10, 2021vwx designer, braceworks and connectcad. Thanks!
  9. HAHAH, thats assuming that your local crew actually reads the documents you send to them... I cant count how many shows I have added cable Breaks in truss lines and made the warning in big bold flashing neon lighting on the plan and still they do not pay attention... The tools and pre planning are only as god as the crew building it.. I try my best, and just facepalm damn near every time I have a local crew...
  10. In light of all the negative stuff that commonly comes out about a new launch... I would like to say the rigging improvements have been very nice. Just the ability to use house rigging points as clip and goes is fantastic! B
  11. Migration Manager is a godsend... As I just learned the pallet that was missing exists only in the spotlight workspace, so it was there, just not the way I do it, so my fault.
  12. Checked and yes its there in the spotlight only workspace. The video does not mention that it needs to be in the spotlight workspace, it just says the pallet menu. My apologies. I work out of many many workspaces and as soon as I fired 2021 up it just wasnt there, so I just hastily did what I always do and edited the tools into it. I find the default workspaces do not fit my workflow often.
  13. Well I noticed that on windows, the method that they published in the videos (done on Mac) for the new cabling tools, do not even exist. I had to add them from the workspace editor. Its a pallet as well.
  14. Dont use 2021 until at least SP1 like every single other launch of VWX?
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