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  1. Nice Insight Rob, thank you for that. But for a company like mod truss, who HAS given out all the data, why does the full connectivity of those systems still not work? It took almost two years for me to be able to make a t section in the XSF library, (without making full custom cross section data, which defeats the point of the product when I am still just "close enough") I think what everyone is trying to say is that, though its a labor of love from the VWX staff, right now its still a broken product, and a very expensive one. In the corporate world, 99 percent of my rigging is click and go, so I was excited when I saw the house rigging point tool, only to be disappointed to find out hoists wont connect to them.... etc. I know you all are working hard, but I have to admit the features have been quite slow to roll out.
  2. It is windows ten, but I have confirmed that vision is running off the nvidia GPU. What gets me is that a program that is not even installed is crashing. I have a file into support we will see what they say. In the meantime I have just been setting everything up manually in 2020 as it runs just fine standalone. I will keep everyone updated.
  3. Nvidia Quadro M3000 4G. its a workstation, so its capable... I think there was just something buggy in the installation. there has to be, its the only thing left.
  4. Have finally had some time to export both of them, and both files cause a 2019 crash. But again, when I open 2020 standalone it runs just fine, but when I try to import a file that was exported from vwx 2020 into it it says vision 2019 has crashed and closes the file.
  5. 2020 opens just fine on its own, just when I try to send anything from VWX to vision it crashes every time. which is funny, I open vision 2020, have the vwx file open in 2020, and 2019 vision crashes and causes 2020 to close.
  6. go figure, expected with a new version, but this is a brand new issue I have never seen before. So I downloaded 2020, and uninstalled 2019.... Made a simple show file, and sent it to vision, and this happens everytime, no matter what file I use to export. So an UNINSTALLED program is crashing... causing me to not be able to launch 2020. I have uninstalled and reinstalled... but I must be missing something.
  7. I would really like to be able to use a renderworks camera as a source feed on video screen tools. I have clients that change minds on scenic/staging all the time and its quite an ordeal to have to capture and export an image file, then re import it as a texture then apply it to a screen. When a client changes camera locations, scenic etc, I just want to be able to move the camera and have it update my video screens. Is that possible?
  8. CETLV

    RW Camera Feed

    yeah, i want to use a camera so the perspectives are correct, also clients change camera locations/scenic options all the time, I dont want to have to export a new hi res pdf everytime and turn it into a texture every time a change is made. Corporate is nothing BUT imag and changes.
  9. CETLV

    RW Camera Feed

    Just out of Curiosity, is there an easy way in renderworks to create a camera shot and use it as a texture for a screen image? How do most people create IMAG on their screens in renderings. I want to try and avoid having to create a new resource every time the client wants things to change.
  10. I see what you are doing there, not a bad idea. But I think BW handles that math a little different. and I would not confuse the "Force" Number with the point load as its not the same. As seen here. Good idea though! I Likes it.
  11. oh wow, i would have not even thought to change that type of name. when I imported it and tried to connect to the 10 footers, I needed to just change the connects to stuff, and thus started on a downward spiral... ūüôā Thanks so much. I also sent some files into the service select portal as well but am yet to hear back. Thanks so much!
  12. There are no hidden objects that are playing on this simple system. I have been playing around with this in my bigger systems as well. Selecting individual systems they all calculate out, but trying to calculate all (even though the systems do not interact together at all) causes negative weights and all hoists to fail. I was hoping to just see if there was a difference in equations or order of operations in the math between the two calcs.
  13. I ran into something a little different today. Why do systems calculate with different results if you calculate selection vs all objects? Greens are calculate selection vs reds on calculate all? Its a simple 20ft system with 2 motors pulled from a more elaborate file.
  14. Can I send the file directly? There is a bit of non public release with the file.


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