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Vw2017 can also import OBJ files which typically include material and texture files, so that will give you another option for finding 3D people to import.


Also don't forget SketchUp and the 3dWarehouse.


When your imported DWG or DXF files import as white or grey it means that they do not have any associated materials or textures. DXF as a file format is quite outdated and does not support material definitions, so I would not bother looking for a 3D person in DXF format. For the best direct importing into Vw, I would look for 3DS, OBJ or SKP formats.

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A few possible resources for 3D people:


https://renderpeople.com/ has 3DS (3D Studio Max), FBX and Cinema 4D versions of their models so these could be imported into VW (3DS only at the moment, but perhaps FBX in the future or if you have C4D add the people into C4D and then import back into VW)


For DWG based people you could take a look at the following links and explore from there for more options:




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On 16/11/2016 at 5:04 PM, Joe said:

Thanks guys.. I appreciate it.  Most of the dwg files I import and that are 3D but come in white or gray right now. I will look into the websites you all suggested. 


You may need to change the fill colour or apply one, as with most dwg symbols they are created on layer 0 in the dwg file and the default colour for that is white/black (same colour number 7 but it automatically changes to the opposite of the background colour if that is black or white)

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