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Stair Tool automation


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Min tread will give you the shortest path - so lock that and let the tool do its magic. However shortest isn't necessarily the optimum so I don't think it's up to the tool to give you that at the outset. Personally I like to make the stairs 'easy' so tend towards the lowest angle.

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The normal stair tool sucks. If its a simple enough stair, use the custom stair tool. Its faster and more intuitive. Its actually the original stair tool, then they bought this new stair plug-in which, while having more options, is much slower, less intuitive, and has a poorly organized interface.

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I've given up with the new stair tool it cannot produce even standard UK configurations, don't know who thought up the new stair tool they obviously don't have to use it. Stick to the custom stair tool you can produce most configurations even for stairs that were built years ago and don't comply with modern standards.

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