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Crash on (Auto)Save!



This is not a wish but more of a demand:

VWs 2012 is quite stable however very frequent crashes occur when Autosave (without confirm) is set and regular crashes occur even with confirm set. Why? How? this really beats the idea of autosave!

This is a long standing problem that really needs attention!

(If i recall correctly it became much worse after SP4 came out...?!)

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I wonder if there is something deep in the hardware which can get corrupted by a crash, but never gets fixed with the standard maintenance scripts, permission repairs, reboots, etc. My old PowerBook running whatever OS10.x was current with VW2010 started crashing about every 10 minutes in Vectorworks. Maybe the RAM was going bad or ???. No other software experienced crashes. I changed up to a new MacBook Pro and new copy of the OS - no crashes for days.

VW2012 is behaving really well for me, and has from the start. Fingers crossed for v2013. If it's bloatware, I may be in trouble.


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Yeah, I wish I hadn't!

Like everyone else has posted, I think it is related to the autosave and this is probably why my most recent backups are corrupt (if i go to my next backup it is usually ok).

So the scenario when i get these crashes seems to be: when I have more than one file open and autosave is on.

Please fix this, this is really frustrating!

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