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  1. I wasn't in the top mode ! Thank you very much again for taking the time to explain, it is very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Peter I am still struggling with this, just to note it is the roof element I want move to match with the walls. If I am looking at the wall elevation and adjust the offset values on the roof nothing seems to happen. If I look at the roof face plane and adjust the offset values nothing seems to happen either. Can you think of anything that i would be doing wrong?
  3. anyone able to help, or point to thread if this has previously discussed (i can't seem to find any thanks)? It is the same render texture applied to both the wall and roof
  4. How do you align roof & wall render textures? I thought that these would align automatically, but they don't. Would appreciate any help on this. See attached image.
  5. I'm glad you asked that question I'm having the same problems I thought it was just my settings, I spent several hours trying to get 2D elevations, from a 3D model to look the same colours, without success, using renderworks. I notice that moving the light source does help a bit tho, but far from what i need.
  6. I am trying to export a Vectorworks file into a format that can be used in rhino format, for a friend. I've never used Rhino before but there seems to be problems when they try to open an exported file from VW into the Rhino 3DM format. What is the best file format to export a VW file into Rhino? Thanks
  7. ah ok its only a 2d feature! Thanks Peter I think i found that link you where referring too http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=182080&Searchpage=1&Main=36915&Words=opacity&Search=true#Post182080
  8. I have some extruded polygons is it possible to adjust the opacity of these in 3D view? I have tried to adjust the opacity but still shows as solid. Thanks
  9. Stake tool doesn't work for us in the UK we need to show Eastings over Northings NOT Northings over Eastings as the stake tool only permits. A contractor has already ridiculed us over this on a previous job. Has anyone got any good co-ordinate marker plugins for v2013 or know where to get one? preferably with the ability to position the text so it doesn't obscure the drawing. or Is there anyway to show Eastings over Northings using the stake tool? Thanks for your help.
  10. yeah, thats definitely the best option!!! I agree with Christiaan regarding the levels, it creates far too much complication to the drawing process, when it could be so much simpler. How would you deal with materials changes vertically tho e.g. If you have a brick cavity wall that changes to insulated single skin clad walls etc? I guess you would have the main structural wall element as a wall style that would run through all floors, and then have other walls styles somehow connected or drawn next to it to show various external finishes. How do other programmes do this?
  11. Position lock only would be a great help, probably one for the wish list. It would definitely put your mind at ease, when working on complex models. This might be silly or too futuristic, but here goes anyway. I wonder if NV could do something with the wall style core option. We have the ability to set the wall styles up with a core, and usually this would be the structural element of the wall. Most of the time (but not always) the structural part of the wall styles should align vertically, would be possible for the walls to have some sort of intelligence to know where the cores are in the walls below and above them, and then have the ability to warn if the structural cores are not stacked vertically? I can see already there could be problems with structural walls supported on beams etc... just thinking... or how about being able to lock cores in the wall styles this means that if you edit parts of the wall style the core position wouldn't move. I should probably stop thinking!
  12. Is there a way to just show handrails up to the cut line of the stair in plan view? I am using the break, dashed above setting for the stair. Is it also possible for the stair handrail to show as dashed above the break as well as the stair?
  13. I have used a desk light symbol in the past, but I can't seem to find the desk light symbol in the vectorworks libraries any body got any ideas which file it is in?
  14. What is the best way to create a standing seam roof? Is there a good texture for a standing seam roof or is it best to model the seams? I have seen this video and this is the look I wish to achieve.
  15. Really !!! This pops up then Vectorworks crashes Time to improve your software
  16. I am currently experiencing it with 2013, I notice that the files keep crashing when opening them up and it gets to updating references and then constantly keeps crashing. Going to submit it to VSS. to see what they can do to sort it.
  17. Most of our files are now about 200MB since moving to a 3D workflow, they seem to crash a lot and are generally unstable, especially when switching between users. One of my colleagues is on holiday and i'm working on his files, it has taken me all afternoon to open his files and do some minor alterations, something that should take minutes has taken hours. I thought the benefit of a 3D workflow is once you have set up the model changes should be quick...I am not finding this, because the programme crashes so often. The overall performance of Vectorworks needs to improve.
  18. Lots Companies are now offering their products in Revit BIM Libraries, however I never come across any that offer Vectorworks BIM Libraries. I think NV need to persuade companies to develop and offer their products suitable for use in Vectorworks. Otherwise we all lose out in the long term.
  19. That is hilarious...(but not for you) yeah good luck explaining that one!!! You could argue you went a for a bit of art Nouveau style on that small section of railing! I presume you had to do some 2D masking to get it to look right?
  20. I can't think of when a non unified view is useful, I would prefer default settings to have it permanently on unified view. (and then have the option to click it off for a non unified view).
  21. +1 from me. and a dedicated tool for SVP's (Sewage vent pipes) as well.
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