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Nemetschek BIM Strategy

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I've downloaded the revit 2013 trial as well. Running it under VMFuse. It runs well I think. I just downloaded it because I wanted to try to import an ifc file ( which failed ;-) ). When I have some time this week I'll give the whole program a try though. Have you also tried Archicad? Btw. About BIM strategy, anyone understands the difference between the Vectorworks Cloud Service and the Cadfaster plugin? Seems almost the same. I haven't read any stories about users actually using VW Cloud. Is it worth the money?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Vectorworks Cloud Service enables cloud sharing of files, production of PDF files and markup of those PDF files with them synced back to the desktop. The PDF files can be shared via link or email, or viewed and annotated on an iPad using the Vectorworks Nomad app. It is available to Vectorworks Service Select customers only. 2D viewport processing is free. 3D processing (rendering of models in viewports) uses 3D credits which are an additional cost.

CadFaster exports a 3D model into the cloud that can be viewed on a Windows machine as a self-contained exe file. It can be opened on an iPad also. The model can be rotated, walked through etc. Annotation can be attached to elements on the model. Collaboration sessions can be set up through the cloud so the model can be shared and annotated in real time. It is not limited to Vectorworks Service Select users I believe as it is a third party product made by CadFaster.

Hope that helps with your questions regarding the difference between the two cloud offerings.

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I got as far as accepting the end user licence (after downloading and installing the trial, on first use you need to accept the EULA)

Not going to give my firstborn over to Autodesk for a trial version of Revit!

I tried the Revit 2012 30 day trial, and was glad when it was over! It seemed there was only one way do do anything, and there lots of opportunities to do things the wrong way. For example, I tried to make a conceptual mass. I clicked Component -> Conceptual Mass. It asked a name, I named it Mass 1. Drew a rectangle out of pink lines, and clicked Create Solid Form. After that, I clicked the green checkmark, and watched the pink rectangle disappear. Eventually, I decided that working outside of the project file, using a Mass Family template file is the better way to go. Try it and see!

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Have you also tried Archicad?

IMO the Archicad mac interface is a jumbled mess.

If I were to jump ship it would be Revit, as I've used it in the past.

I don't want to sound like a complainer - VW has a lot going for it but as Vincent rightly pointed out, it's the competition that dictates where VW should be. And many users are starting to realise what is on offer elsewhere...

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LOL Archicad..they cant give Engineering consultants FREE copies (on loan for duration of project) away on larger projects down under.In a few years time those Large Architectual firms that have both Archicad and now Revit (forced to BUY REVIT) wont renew one .....IMO,if Nemetscheck doesnt do something about Archicad.Sadly, its dead (BIM) man walking?

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Have you also tried Archicad?

it's the competition that dictates where VW should be. And many users are starting to realise what is on offer elsewhere...

Further more, 50% of the design team are engineering based consultants and soon theyll be demanding ALL REVIT...Fragmented software using non-intellengent IFC has a limited shelf life.

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how far ahead are the competition really?

Well from what Ive seen in Construction and Civil Engineering

Far enough ahead to influence Government policy and legislation. BIMs a hot topic..

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