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  1. Well, after many years, many issues, many failed attempts at answers I am pleased to say, a business case was put forward for Autodesk Revit. It has been started in earnest and this 100 (+ a few floating in ant out) VW seat office will be no more by the end of this year (2014). Cheers.....Q
  2. How many times have you saved as the older version with tis error message? What happens if you try and open the 2008 file in your newer version of VW? When it is missing a lot of information, are these such things that are not comparable with previous versions? I understand there are certain options/commands used in the newer VW versions, that when actioned and then saved back to an older version are not decomposed for recomposition. Finally, are you abel to post the file up? Q
  3. ARGHHHHH, I did not know this and we have done the fatal move of PRESUMPTION for some walls on a project knowing they are very lily to change!!!! This is not good, not good whatsoever. Oh for the love of god, please can they think of the children, if i get too angry I am likely to hit some. Q
  4. No idea and the VW help does not make it any clearer to me what so ever Copied from VW 2011 Workgroup Referencing Vectorworks? Referencing Capability A ?workgroup? is several people who work together on a project. Group members may work on the same file or on different files for the same project. Additionally, it is often necessary to create standard elements and reuse them in different files. It can be difficult to share these standards with other members of a workgroup and to keep up with changes to them. Referencing is the ability to link the current (target) file to a master file that contains the standards. Layers, classes, and resources (such as hatches, worksheets, or symbols) in other Vectorworks files can be referenced. In Vectorworks Design Series products, image files and PDF files can also be referenced. When a referenced item in a master file changes, the changes are reflected in the target file. Updates to target files can be performed automatically or only when manually requested. You can reference specific layers with all of the classes and resources used in those layers, as well as any resources from a master file. Workgroup-referenced design layers can be displayed in viewports. Referenced items are indicated in the Resource Browser and in the Organization dialog box by italicized names. There are two ways to reference design layers: ● In the Vectorworks Fundamentals product, design layers are imported into the target file when they are referenced. For backward compatibility, Vectorworks Design Series products support this method; see Setting the Referencing Options. ● In the Vectorworks Design Series products, the recommended method is to create a design layer viewport and then reference the desired design layers from the master file. See Creating a Referenced Design Layer Viewport for details about this type of reference. Depending on the type of object referenced, you may be able to update the master file from the target file. ● Resources can be edited or renamed in the target file, and the corresponding resource in the master file is automatically updated. See Referencing Resources. ● Objects on layers referenced with layer import referencing are locked; they can be unlocked and edited in the target file, but the change will not appear in the master file. Moreover, when the target file?s references are updated, referenced items are over-written to reflect the master file. Therefore, any permanent change to a referenced item must be made in the master file. ● Objects on layers referenced in a design layer viewport can not be edited directly, but there is an option to navigate to the master file, make the change, and then return to the target file to view the change. Keep the following concepts in mind for both design layer referencing methods. ● Drawing information is shared and updated on a layer-by-layer basis. ● For layer import referencing, referenced layers should be treated as read-only layers; any changes to referenced information and any information added to referenced layers are removed the next time the referenced layer is updated. ● Referenced layer names cannot be changed. ● Resources (symbol names) in layers that are referenced from the master file take precedence over resources in the target file. ● If there is a naming conflict with pre-existing symbols or pre-existing layers in the current file, rename the symbols or layers. ● Sheet layer viewports cannot directly reference layers in external master files. If you are using layer import referencing, create a reference to the master file, and select the external layers to import into the target file; then make the imported layers visible in a sheet layer viewport. If you are using design layer viewport referencing (Vectorworks Design Series required), create a design layer viewport from the master file and make the desired layers visible; then make the design layer that contains the viewport visible in a sheet layer viewport. Workgroup Referencing Strategies Communication within the workgroup is essential when workgroup referencing is in use. Discuss a strategy for how to name, maintain, and update master files. Keep each other informed of major changes?especially the deletion of a master file or resources, which can affect multiple files. If either the file name or the location of a referenced file is changed, the reference is broken. Items referenced from that file cannot be updated until the broken reference is corrected.
  5. After being on may different CAD forums, I have learnt to never assume the topic is posted in the right place, the moderators have a lot of moderate and follow and the best tool is SEARCH. Whiel I agree, it is not all lost. My gripe is the lack of answers to a lot of peoples posts and hard nature of VW makes explanation difficult as well. Q
  6. How long have you been using VW for? I am not offay with creation of ID tags but like the idea of getting some step by step guides generally. I see by your join date and posts, you must have some good knowledge and wonder if you might be abel to either put somethgin together or offer some tutorials of topics you know well. Q
  7. How long have you been using VW for? I am not offay with creation of ID tags but like the idea of getting some step by step guides generally. I see by your join date and posts, you must have some good knowledge and wonder if you might be abel to either put somethgin together or offer some tutorials of topics you know well. Q
  8. Contact Nemetschek direct and please keep us posted for future help to others. Q
  9. I'd contact your reseller/support and or VW direct. I can't find any info online that satisfies this to any degree. All I find is evidence of troubles and a mass of people using Vray over C4D due to better use and conversion. Q
  10. I have failed to find any kind of support group. I typically only ever need 2D so trawl through the large amounts of DWG archive places and import. Depending on the details you need, often manufactures now offer a large library of their information in dog/dxf form. Q
  11. No, I get this on 2011 but not until now known of anyone (in our office) who suffers. I see you are on windows, we are on Macs. So would appear to be something in the program itself. Q
  12. Sky Lights range incredibly. Post up a picture of the kind of thing you require, materials, 2D or 3D, plan, elevations, details or not? Q
  13. Are the dimensions equally out of sink in both horizontal and vertical plane. I found recently there are a few places where you control the scale of an imported drawing. Have you explored all of these? Have you made your native drawing 1:1 and imported 1:1 accordingly? Bit more info on what you have tried would be good and if you are able and still struggling perhaps uploading the drawing. Q
  14. I also agree, however, I would prefer more that the dimension is under the dimension line. I active this by using the text/dim offset when the Dimension is selected. Q
  15. Haha, this is funny. You think VW wants you to work seamlessly between other CAD applications and the greater working community. You expect VW to have a professional set up to save their users time, effort and offer them stability and ease of use. In short no. There is no batch convert to dog/dxf. Nor can I find any third party, I looked as it has been a while since I let enquired myself. Do you actually need all these 5000 drawings converted? Or can you keep a seat of few of VW and either finish the working of them on that or convert them as and when needed? You may also experience another issue when converting to dog/dxf of classes, layers, groups, shades, line weights, line styles, text. Some drawings may well come out fine and others very bad. I would be interested if you do need to do this, how you find the end conversation and the handling of it/them. Have fun. Q
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