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ergonomic mouse suggestions

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I am back from medical leave now, and eager to open this discussion back up again (not sure if I should add to this thread or start a new one) - the way technology goes, I'm sure the suggestions need to be updated, so.....

What's the best ergonomic mouse for VW??

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That must really vary from person to person!

First you need to identify why and because of what your muscles are complaining as they are. About 10 years ago I started to feel the wear and tear of many mouse-hours and started to develop different problems because of it, I went through all the above options, mouse changes, economic mice, tablets, trackballs etc. it all helped a little and only for a while.

At some point I actually relaxed my way of working, slowed down the rate of doing things, this not only gradually got rid of the mouse arm problems but also made the working day a whole lot less stressed.

Software and mouse ware development have surely contributed to this and certainly the change from Windows to Mac have increased the feeling of easing the 'hectic' way of moving a mouse when drafting.

My suggestion is therefore mainly to try and actively think about how you are using your mouse of choice as often as possible and try to find the most relaxing rhythm to work, this will relax your muscles and the pain should go away.

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Vincent C - I definitely get what you're saying. Now that I'm back at my desk and with all kinds of body issues, I really have to look at my whole set-up, and how I use my body. Thank for pointing that out.

mk - That's a heck of a piece of machinery!



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I felt ridiculous ordering it. But it's a really good mouse. There are some utube videos showing how to adjust it if you want to see the extent of it's adjustability.

And if my wrist starts getting sore I switch to a tablet. (I use a Wacom Bamboo because it's easy to carry around).

I also switched to a stand up desk. Much more pleasant working posture.

Good luck getting this figured out.


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I was searching for an ergonomic mouse last year. I tried trackballs but I hate them for CAD. like you I do a lot of scrolling and also move the mouse around with a lot of small movements. Many mice are too small, many are too heavy, I also posted on the forum and someone suggested the Logitech M500. It's a corded mouse so very light, it's also fairly large and fits the hand very well, it has a scroll button with ratchet or 'freewheel', it also has sideways push functions, and a press down function (good for scroll).

There are the usual left and right click buttons and also two programmable side buttons , mine are set to clear screen to desktop and reveal open all windows.

I can honestly say that this very reasonably priced mouse is superb for CAD particularly if you are on screen for hours at a time. It has an excellent set up utility which you can use to programme all the button functions.

Try one and see! www.logitech.com/en-gb/mice-pointers/mice/devices/5743

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re my first post another thing that seems to help is to have an operators chair with height adjustable arms. My RH arm is set just below desk surface height so that i can rest my elbow on the arm and the wrist forward rests on the desk so that I'm not stretching the arm right out to use the mouse. To be honest I fin d that using the keyboard is more irritating for the upper arm muscles. A good mousemat also helps and they should be replaced as the top dimpled surface wears.

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Are you using the Mad Catz driver/software that came with the mouse, or the default driver in OS X? Also, please advise if the Mad Catz software is required for any of the actions described below.

Are you able to program any of the mouse buttons to Vectorworks? For example, views.

Can you use the DPI/sensitivity buttons with the Flyover tool? For example, to adjust the speed of rotation.

I've read a few negative reviews regarding build quality (wobbly parts, worn out buttons)... What's your experience?

Thanks for your help. These pretty Apple input devices are becoming increasingly painful, so I need to find a mouse and keyboard solution.

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