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  1. Thank you, Jim. I went through a huge, lengthy thing with Kaspersky, and they have updated their 2012 Anti-virus so it no longer finds these false-positives (which they agreed were false). The 2012 is a free update, for anyone using Kaspersky 2011. Guess all our nagging with them worked!
  2. It's hard to see from your image, JHEarcht, but it looks like the same files that Kaspersky is picking up and deleting on my computer. Door, TrueType, General Notes, among about 30 others. Some* of them work again now that I have 'restored' them, but I can't use the door tool, nor change the door properties - awesome. What is this plug-in you're talking about?
  3. UPDATE: Kaspersky has been a right pain in the arse about this - friendly, but so many avenues that are trying to deal with it / assuming it's been taken care of. But they have the info, I guess the next release will work better. I keep trying to work-around the issue, but may ditch them, as it would be cheaper than my time wasted, and VW is SO glitchy now - DAYS spent on this! GGrrrrrr!!!!
  4. Ah, but I don't have 2012... Guess that does mean that it wasn't a trojan, though. Thanks for the update.
  5. Thanks Kevin - I had a feeling it was a Kaspersky issue with VW...it just felt like a strange place for a virus to target. BUT - according to the internet, the Trojan.Win32.Mediyes is a real virus - how can I be sure before allowing Kaspersky to ignore it?
  6. Yeesh! Those are exactly the same Trojans. It wasn't on my bosses computer until I opened a particular file - could it be in there - I used a symbol from a CAD symbol site, and some from Kohler. 2 fonts from Fonts101 last week. But computers are networked. Please let me know how things go? What a waste of time, energy & money.
  7. 2 days ago some of my plug-ins stopped working, and my Kaspersky anti-virus warned me of trojans, finding 18 in the plug-in folders. Now, I don't recall if the warning came before or after the plug-ins stopped working. So I loaded the files onto my bosses computer, he never uses VW. All was fine, then his Kaspersky anti-virus warned me of the same trojans! I'm afraid to do the scan and possibly screw up the VW on that computer - I'm terrified of losing all my symbols etc. I've removed VW from my PC and am about to re-install it. Guess now I've lost all my shortcuts, there goes hours of work! Any clue about these trojans? What's going on??? Thanks for any advice. VW2011 Windows 7
  8. Vincent C - I definitely get what you're saying. Now that I'm back at my desk and with all kinds of body issues, I really have to look at my whole set-up, and how I use my body. Thank for pointing that out. mk - That's a heck of a piece of machinery! Thanks! kbw
  9. I am back from medical leave now, and eager to open this discussion back up again (not sure if I should add to this thread or start a new one) - the way technology goes, I'm sure the suggestions need to be updated, so..... What's the best ergonomic mouse for VW??
  10. ok, I understand now that you install onto the COMPUTER, not into VW directly. It works. Any recommended fonts that work well with VW 2011, PDF conversion and prints nicely at 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 scales would be appreciated. Doesn't have to be a hand-drawn style...
  11. VW 2011 comes with a huge list of fonts, but they don't show as samples, I don't have time to change text to every one to find one I like ... any recommendations? They don't have to be a hand-drawn style. They do need to translate into PDF well. Also, I have read here about a few downloadable ones, but I don't know how to do that...any advice there? Thanks!!! VW2011 Windows 7
  12. Thank you! I'll play with those two options - just setting a different Text Off value will let me drag the line nicely (had avoided it because my text looks awful as it is). Appreciate your help!
  13. When I have a small dimension and want to pull / move the dimension line, and the text is larger or same size as the line, the text moves (as though it is in the foreground, and the line is behind the text box). So I can't move small dimensions with out moving the text, then the line, then trying to move the text back to it's place. PLEASE HELP ME?!?!? It's driving me bonkers and wasting time! Thank you! VW 2011 Windows7
  14. Ken, may I ask how the Kensington works? ie: my most used action is to select an object, hold & drag it, while both rolling and pushing the middle button to zoom and pan around the drawing to drag the object to a new location. Can this be done with the Kensigton - I don't quite get how the ball works, and how you select, drag and pan or zoom ... I've never used a rollerball, and in my small town, 'trying before buying' isn't an option - so how is the ball for landing on grips and draging to resize etc.? Thanks!
  15. Sorry, I had to get back to work to check the OS there. Not overly special computers, but here they are: Desktop at work: Processor ADM Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ 2.9GHz, 2.0 GB GeForce 6200 (this may have actually been upgraded) XP Pro Laptop at home: Aspire 7720 Vista Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz 32 bit, 3.0 GB NVIDIA Ge Force 8400M GS I'm looking into the advice offered so far, thanks!
  16. The pain in my wrist/arm/neck/fingers is growing rapidly. I have seen mouse suggestions on forums, but none relate enough to ergonomics. Can anyone help? I am desperate! I use the scroll button constantly for Pan & Zoom, and am using the mouse/keyboard in-effficiently (working on better keyboard commands, to lessen the mouse/icon clicking, which is a major time-waster (another issue I'm trying to deal with - workflow efficiency!). My own pain began from gripping a pen, so i think the tablet is out. I use the number pad constantly for View and lenghts, so don't know if the Nostromo SpeedPad n52 will help workflow and lessen the right-hand mouse use - any thoughts there? Options so far are: - Nostromo SpeedPad n52 to replace keyboard use - Trackball vs scroll - http://www.handshoemouse.com/ - http://www.orthovia.com/ - http://www.evoluent.com/vm3.html - logitech Revolution (now replaced by PeformanceMX = less ergonomic!) Question is, which is ergonomically best BUT ALSO fits Vectorworks, not just everyday computer stuff. Any suggestions? I'm on my way to being forced to give up my career, here! Thanks!
  17. Gotcha - I'll do them individually. Glad to be a part of future improvements! Thanks for your help.
  18. Jeffrey et al: This is excellent. I copied your formulas into my actual dwg, sorted it, and nearly got what I wanted. However, the list included ALL doors (hence the duplicate numbers, though they have different bubbles). So I turned off Auto-Classing and created separate classes for Int. & Ext. doors, then edited the database to exclude the 'Door-Interior' class. It worked. I can't think of any other way to separate them (even labeling ABC would put them on the same list?) I was even able to add some new columns successfully! My, what I can learn from a bunch of experts! Thanks all of you. Now I have to study up and be able to figure it out on my own... ONE LAST PROBLEM: I can't edit any of the cells, ie: to add a model # from the worksheet. The command line is greyed out for all cells.
  19. Here is the file (or as much of it as I could send under 5MB), hopefully I didn't delete anything which altered the worksheets too much. Thanks so much both of you. I will study up on all this over the weekend.
  20. I've used the AEC>Fit Walls To Roof tool (in VW 2008 Architect)... it's messy, but it does angle the walls to fit the roofline, then you can use the points to re-shape it some. When you create the roof, there is an 'add attic' boc you can tick. Again, it was messy in section, but maybe you can do it better than I could!
  21. So I tried both Pat's option #1 and Jeffrey's option. Both did something, but completely bizarre numbers and ordering, though both methods produced the same incorrectness: Both 'size' and 'R/O' numbers are consistant but wrong/weird, and there is no order to the list. Jeffrey: I changed the criteria to include all classes and types applicable, but the table just added 64 title rows (which I can't alter) to the previous window-only info. Pat: How do I get two database sections? I think I am having more problems with the worksheets than just how to get the doors AND windows listed... Thanks so much for your help ... any more would sure be appreciated!
  22. I havn't used the schedules or records much before, but want to, and am interested in doing this: I want to list the info for all exterior openings, meaning Doors & Windows (which are all "on schedule" with sequential IDlabels & same bubble shape) How can I list doors & windows together, sequentialy? Thanks for any advice!
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