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Rendering White


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No easy solution to this much desired presentation of white as white. Aside from adding more lights, or even better increasing the layer's (or VP's) ambient light (from 35% default to perhaps 65&) you might try using one of the white "paint" or "drywall" textures (as opposed to simply a white colored wall). Sometimes the use of textures helps to make white look whiter. FWIW, I'm pretty sure VW's/RW's is actually giving us a fairly accurate representation of this, but in real life our eyes are connected to our brain and for some reason we tend to mentally enhance the whiteness of white... In fact, the room I am sitting in has white walls, and there's plenty of light, but in actuality when I actually allow myself to perceive the "true" color I am looking at it looks very very gray...

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I did that, I've got all kinds of textures form carpet to glass tile but I don't see anything that is just drywall. there is a texture "Almond Paint" But that is not quite right. Am I just not getting it or is it in another folder.

here's what i did:

Resource browser

Browse a document

opened VW 2009

opened library

opened textures

opened Interior finishes


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I believe that the problem is perceptual and that the renderworks engine has no ability to perceive. It just traces it's rays and lets them be. Instead of attempting to get your desired effect in VW, might I suggest getting close and then finishing off the render in Photoshop? A few selective tweaks here and there with the curves tool should get you much closer to what you want. Here's an example:

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