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  1. For some reason when exporting a DWG, the lines types, in the case dashed lines, are coming out as solid lines when viewed in auto cad. Is it a setting when exporting or something else? Thanks
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    Perfect thanks for the help
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    Does anyone one know the worksheet function needed to show the mounting height (Mtg. Height AFF) of an electrical fixture, receptacle or switch. I would like to add this to my schedule and cant seem to get it right. It would be nice if KBase had a list of these functions. thanks
  4. Great thanks I didn't think about turning off components ill give it a try.
  5. I have attached two images of a dimensioning issue, before and after. when I try to change the dimension by either entering it in the info pallet or directly on the dim. I get crazy results like Im showing here. I have tried to save and restart but no luck. Software is up to date as well. I would like to have my dimensions to face a frame and be associated but that is proving to be difficult as well. I can associate them to the inside corner with out to much trouble but when trying to do the same to a component, it is not working out. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  6. I gave up on the arrows tool and just created a 2D symbol for each and dropped them in where needed. As for the notes I create a worksheet and place them where needed. I just opened a project to see what you were frustrated with and now I get it. I am having the same issue. With my file the editing handles show up on the lower level set, and I can move the notes around, but not on the upper level. I hope this helps.
  7. Hi What is the best way to create a built up roof with a corrugated deck? And has any one used the national BIM Library with any luck? When I bring in what i think should be a roof system. I just get what looks like solid block extrudes. See files attached. http://www.nationalbimlibrary.com/roofs?facet=gOBgfg&page=1
  8. Hmmmmmm 500 euros is not exactly what I was looking for but this software does look like it would satisfy my needs.
  9. Hi I would like to show my MEP in 3D. The Pipe Run tool seems to be only a 2D tool. is there a way to do this with out doing a lot of extruding. Ideally it would be nice for the Pipe Run tool to have the same 3D capabilities that the HVAC does. I have a very tight space and I want to make sure I can fit all my MEPs in. Thanks
  10. so it was a class thing. thanks
  11. anyone have an idea why my space labels aren't showing up. I have checked the classes to make sure they weren't turned off as well as attributes. Thanks
  12. Thanks Benson I changed the sketch mode to none and that cured my ills.
  13. Hi I am having an issue with rendering and I'm stumped. When i apply a texture to an object, in this case the flooring component of my slab, it renders black when in interior fast or final mode or any mode. It is fine in openGL and the objects I have placed from the resource pallet render fine. I have opened older files and they are doing the same as well as a new file with only one object in it. the texture doesn't seem to matter either. I have tried every combination of settings I can, in the rendering styles but no luck. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. ChrisA

    Pen tablet

    Hi Mark no not an iPad but a tablet like the Wacom. thanks for your feedback. Anyone else?
  15. ChrisA

    Pen tablet

    Has anyone tried or is using a pen tablet with VW. If so what type and brand are you using? thanks
  16. Ok so my next question would be, how would you go about getting the shapes in a file and ready for a CNC?
  17. Hi in the cool video of the subdivision tool they show the final design of a wall/seating made up of plywood panels. My question is how do you go from the subdivided object to the panels? I have tried creating contours and then extruding them, but no luck. I just get a message saying the contour is locked or illegal. How else might I try creating this structure? and if the contour isnt a poly line then what is it? Thanks Chris
  18. Hi I have been using a worksheet for my lighting/electrical schedule for some time now, using the same data and functions with no problem. Now that I have moved to VW 2016 it no longer works the way it used to. I have a column for my symbols (=IMAGE) sometimes they show up and other times they don't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Any ideas?
  19. It would be great if this could be added to the wish list.
  20. I too would like this. It would also be nice for a cohesive tutorial on going from 3d world to the 2d. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on the 3d aspects of VW when ultimately it all ends up 2d. I find that I spend a lot of time layering 2d information over top of the 3d when creating CDs.
  21. the VW forum to the rescue once again thanks for the help. I did look at that but since it was a window issue and not a dock i dint think to mess with it.
  22. Hi Just getting my feet wet with the new 2016 VW and immediatly ran into a time sucking issue. I use two monitors and I often will open one project and place it on one screen while having another on the other screen. Now with 2016 when I open more than one project I only get one window. I can toggle from one project to another but that is a pain in the "A". I have looked for a new setting in preference but I am not seeing where this is an option to be turned on or off. help please chris
  23. I would like to have multiple key note legends on one sheet layer. Right now when I go to place another key note it gets add to the default for that sheet layer or to another legend on another sheet layer but not two different on the same sheet layer. If I have one Sheet layer with a demo plan and one with a floor plan, I would like each to have their own legend. How can I do this? Thanks Chris
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    rasterize text seemed to do the trick. So Far. thanks JPOG
  25. Hi I would like to take advantage of the file processing of the Cloud Service so that I can process presentation renderings while being able to work on the project. The question I have is, is there a way to process a particular batch of drawings without processing every sheet in the Sheet Layers? Right now I have a file with about 30 sheets some are set up for CDs and about a dozen have 3D VPs for design presentation. Ideally I would like to be able to process just the DD sheets (and send to client) while being able to continue to work on the CD side. the current work around is, I bring the PDF back on to my desk top and then edit and delete the sheets using Acrobat. It would be great to be able to just send a drawing set off to be processed by the Cloud service. All ideas and thoughts are welcome.
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