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Vectorworks 2010 / 15 / Gamma / Oak / whatever it will be called

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Please, please update Renderworks... I don't want to abandon it for Artlantis or Cinema 4D. Renderworks is good and it can be better... updates should include more video/animation options, better use of 64-bit systems (Snow Leopard), and better use of memory and multi-processors, etc, etc...

I'm an armchair techie, but I'm quickly gleaning from these forums that Renderworks is drastically behind the aforementioned rendering applications. I just downloaded the demo for Artlantis and the speed at which in rendered blew me away. I'm not as impressed with its interface, but dang... it's fast. No reason why Renderworks can't be too. I'm in the process of downloading the Cinema 4D demo, but quite frankly, I'm getting too old for this. I've already switched gears with CAD/modeling software several times in the past, and I WANT to stick with Vectorworks. Call me old fashioned... but I'm a one-CAD man.

I'm still on 12.5 and I'm dying to use the new Parasolid engine, but I've been waiting for a significant update to Renderworks before I upgrade... and I'm starting to feel like that may never happen. I'm not looking to create video games or render the next Pixar film... I just want to be able to use Full Radiosity without my computer crashing or taking 2 days to render. I'm tired of reading posts that suggest workarounds to using Renderworks like "use less lights" or "try not to extrude objects" ... I don't want to sacrifice details in my models for the sake of Renderworks... I simply want Renderworks to work for me, not against me.

So, can someone from Nemetschek give me any indication that this will happen?

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This post probably belongs on the wish list but I'll jump on board.

NNA please improve render speed. I too am considering jumping ship to Artlantis or other renderer. I really like the integration of renderworks but the long wait for a rendering just kills me.

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Me too !

Wish NNA would just say screw it and cut a deal ... then send everything on over

to the Render app to blast out the stuff based on pre-set configurations proven

to work best for all of us lazy-ass generalists:

1) Model something special in good ol' VWland

2) Send neat new Model to Render app.

3) Render app opens ... first asking if multi-processor LAN is available...

4) Render app. begins to work on file .. saving to virtual disc storage, as req'd.

5) Meanwhile back in VWland we continue working & humming a happy tune ..

6) Chime sounds ... render is done .. open the oven and smell the aroma .

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sounds like artlantis then?

just finished a presentation

on friday as you described,

sent across the model for

lighting and materials, +

background rendered 10 images

while i finished off the sheet

layers in VW. images were done

before i had finished fiddling

with annotations + dimensions...

i don't know how much longer

i'll stick with RW...

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...sounds like artlantis then?...i don't know how much longer i'll stick with RW...

Yes, but what about non-photorealistic/artistic & hidden line rendering? I'm really interested in faster rendering times but it doesn't look like Artlantis does hidden line, artistic, or other non-photorealistic rendering, which I use quite a bit.

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in artlantis there is a fairly

well hidden set of options

camera -> "post process" where

you can create some nice sketchy

effects, but only for rendered

bitmaps. i.e. you can't get the

VERY nice sketched line drawings,

that you can get in VW.

and if those are only available

through RW, then that alone makes

RW worth it for me. clients are

AMAZED how fast i get from rough

sketch plans to dimensioned general

arrangement drawings ;)

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in artlantis...you can create some nice sketchy effects, but only for rendered bitmaps. i.e. you can't get the VERY nice sketched line drawings, that you can get in VW...that alone makes RW worth it for me. clients are AMAZED how fast i get from rough sketch plans to dimensioned general arrangement drawings ;)

That's what I thought. The vector hidden line removal for schematic presentations works pretty well for me. I've started doing simple HDRI renderings (without any textures) with hidden line on top for really nice schematic design perspectives. They look quite nice with soft shadows but they can take a long time to generate. I'm pretty happy with the output I get from RW I just want more speed.

My clients are also surprised how fast we can get from schematic design to construction documents. A little bit of extra time spent modeling on the front end pays pretty big dividends on the back end.

So, NNA...more speed please.

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I too rely on RW alot.

If I could downlowd the demo's for Artlantis and C4D and showed them to my boss when 2008 came outI would probarly be using either of them with ESP on certain renders.

If NNA would improve the Render process on VW, we as users would be glad to continue with the packages and I might consider an upgrade.

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couldn't you just affect the render in photoshop, to create a sketchy effect? I have to admit, I've not seen sketch style stuff direct from RW. Would anyone mind posting some stuff for me to look at?

The best stuff in that style I've seen is from Piranesi.

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I couldn`t agree more.

I have been using this software since 1994 when it was Minicad until now in 2009 with VW v2008 always on Mac.

It has been very useful and I`m happy using it, I guess I could be considered a "mac and a vectorworks addict" but to be honest its a kind of frustrating to realize that renderworks is far no enough on speed and quality comparing it with other engines.

It would be really good news to know that renderworks would be upgraded to be used with other open render engines like vray or other.

It`s a shame to be forced to export your files to get better rendering quality when the software has been upgraded so well in other aspects.

I hope renderworks awake.



Industrial Designer

VW Fundamental w/Renderworks 2008

Mac OSX 10.5.7

MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz, 2Gb RAM :eek:

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I'd also like to see Renderwork make a leap forward. I like having everything in the one place and even if you do invest in a third party package for concept presentations I still think Renderworks is necessary for working drawings. Shadows and textures work wonders on elevations and sections. If Renderworks featured some of the suggestions above it would be exceptional value at twice the price. Even if it evolved into Renderworks standard and a premium option with the inclusion of a renderer like vray at an additional cost it would still be a better solution than the inherent issues and complexities of going to a third party package IMHO.

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I like having Renderworks integrated into VW, but I can also see benefits of having it as a stand alone app - more memory would be available to both VW and RW without the footprint of the other plus one could still work on VW whilst rendering under RW. It could also lead to renderfarm type capabilities. But the tight integration between VW and RW should not be lost - possibly still all controlled within VW.

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