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  1. Hey Bazza, you are not the only one. I have been suffering the same delay on every texture edition. When I try to edit or create a texture the dialogue bar takes at least 30 secs to react and every change in that dialogue box takes the same to work. It is very annoying. This behavior begun approximately 1 month ago, I´ve been using VW2015 since last december and originally I didn't notice any problem. I tried all the posted suggestions, but, no changes. Please, Any idea what could be causing all this? Thanks
  2. Excellent job Those 3 images of the chair were generated with renderworks 2011 or I missunderstood an they are just photos of a real prototype? If not, congratulations!, they look very reallistic. I always wonder why there aren`t better pictures on the gallery 2011, if renderworks really changed why there arent better images or examples showing it on the web?
  3. Im looking exactly the same to use in OSX, did you find anything? thanks VW Fundamentals+Rw 2009 MacBookPro 17"2.16 GHz OSX 10.5.8 RAM 2GB
  4. I couldn`t agree more. I have been using this software since 1994 when it was Minicad until now in 2009 with VW v2008 always on Mac. It has been very useful and I`m happy using it, I guess I could be considered a "mac and a vectorworks addict" but to be honest its a kind of frustrating to realize that renderworks is far no enough on speed and quality comparing it with other engines. It would be really good news to know that renderworks would be upgraded to be used with other open render engines like vray or other. It`s a shame to be forced to export your files to get better rendering quality when the software has been upgraded so well in other aspects. I hope renderworks awake. ___________ GSegovia Industrial Designer VW Fundamental w/Renderworks 2008 Mac OSX 10.5.7 MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz, 2Gb RAM :eek:


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