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But if I want it to show it in grayscale in a pdf?

I added a wishlist sometime ago about having "Greyscale" be one of the

options for Viewports under Advanced Properties...right below "B&W only"

Until then try this:

On a mac:

Either don't select "Black & White Only."

Or you can duplicate the Viewport right over the top of itself.

So you have two VP's stacked directly on top of each other.

Now in the one on top you can turn on "Black & White Only."

Now you have nice black lines, but you still see the color fills below.

Use the 'Print>Save As PDF' or 'File>Export>PDF'

Open the PDF in Preview

Go to File>Save As> then set the Quartz Filter to Grey Tone.

Now you have the fills as a grey tone and solid black linework.

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On a Mac it's easy: Open the PDF in PREVIEW. Go to FILE>SAVE AS. In the dialog use the QUARTZ FILTER pulldown to select "GRAY TONE". Hit Save (either replacing original or renaming). Voila! All colors now gray. I've used this for years and it works well. Obviously you need to take a bit of care with the darker colors (and the grays they produce) if you are printing hard copy.

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